Where is Billy Cobham from?

Colón, Panama
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Is Billy Cobham a good drummer?

In 2001 Cobham was named one of the 25 Most Influential Drummers by Modern Drummer magazine. Although there are many all-time greats, Billy Cobham is one of the very few who can truly be called a pivotal drummer in music history.

What is Billy Cobham known for?

William Emanuel Cobham Jr. (born May 16, 1944) is a Panamanian–American jazz drummer who came to prominence in the late 1960s and early 1970s with trumpeter Miles Davis and then with the Mahavishnu Orchestra. He was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1987 and the Classic Drummer Hall of Fame in 2013.

How Old Is Billy Cobham?

77 years (May 16, 1944)
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What drum heads does Billy Cobham use?

Billy Cobham – SABIAN Cymbals.

What brand of drums does Billy Cobham play?

TAMA Drums Official Billy Cobham on his return to TAMA and STAR drums.

Who played drums for Mahavishnu?

Billy Cobham
Narada Michael WaldenDanny Gottlieb
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What cymbals does Billy Cobham use?

Is Simon Phillips left handed?

Left-handed drummers also have the option of playing “open handed”. Some left-handed drummers that use this technique to great effect include Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band) and the legendary British drummer, Simon Phillips. Open handed playing is not just the preserve of left-handed drummers.

What does Mahavishnu mean?

the Supersoul of all living beings
Mahavishnu is the Supersoul of all living beings (jivaatmas) in all material universes. Kāraņodaksayi Vishnu is understood to be Sankarsana (form) of the Catur-vyuha of Nārāyaņa.

Is Billy Cobham ambidextrous?

The legendary Billy Cobham, with his matchless, dazzling, ambidextrous skills as a drummer, has applied the same insistent fervor to his long list of monumental achievements.

What is the discography of Billy Cobham?

The discography of fusion and Jazz drummer Billy Cobham includes solo, collaborative, and work playing on other artists’ albums.

How many songs did Billy Cobham write on Total Eclipse?

Total Eclipse is the third album of fusion drummer Billy Cobham. The album was released in 1974. It comprises eight songs, all written by Billy Cobham. The album peaked number 6 in the Billboard Jazz album charts, number 12 in the R&B album charts and number 36 in the Billboard 200 charts.

What influenced spectrum by Billy Cobham?

Spectrum is the debut solo album by jazz fusion drummer Billy Cobham. The album was influenced by the earlier jazz fusion of Miles Davis, with whom Cobham had previously collaborated extensively, and Cobham’s previous band Mahavishnu Orchestra.

When did Billy Cobham release crosswinds?

Billy Cobham. Crosswinds is the second album of fusion drummer Billy Cobham. The album was released in 1974.