Where is Amina Mohamed from?

Kakamega, Kenya
Amina Mohamed/Place of birth
Mohamed was born on 5 October 1961 in Kakamega, Kenya, to an ethnic Somali family. She is the eighth of nine siblings.

Who is the current UN deputy secretary general?

Amina J. Mohammed

Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
Incumbent Amina J. Mohammed since 1 January 2017
United Nations United Nations Secretariat
Style Her Excellency
Reports to The Secretary-General

Is Amina J Mohammed married?

Ms. Mohammed received the National Honours Award of the Order of the Federal Republic in 2006 and was inducted in the Nigerian Women’s Hall of Fame in 2007. Born in 1961, Ms. Mohammed is married with four children.

Who holds the highest position in the UN?

The secretary-general of the United Nations (UNSG or SG) is the chief administrative officer of the United Nations and head of the United Nations Secretariat, one of the six principal organs of the United Nations.

What is the pay level of deputy secretary?

(b) In case an officer to the rank of AGM (scale V) is selected, the post will be operated at the level of Deputy Secretary which will carry pay scale of Rs. 15,600 – 39,000 + Grade Pay of Rs. 7600/-.

Is a deputy director higher than a director?

Deputy Director is a job title used in many organizations around the world for a deputy for a director, and may refer to: Deputy Director, a general rank below director within Her Majesty’s Civil Service; see Grading schemes.

Who is Amina Mohammed?

Ms. Amina J. Mohammed is the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chair of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group.

Who is the Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed?

On 26 January 2018, President Kenyatta appointed Amina Mohammed to be the Education Cabinet Secretary for his second term. She has pledged to continued with the reforms initiated by her predeccessor Dr. Fred Matiang’i.

Where did Amina Mohammed go to school?

Early life and education. Amina Mohammed was born in Liverpool, UK , in 1961 to a Nigerian veterinarian-officer and a British nurse. She is the eldest of five daughters. Mohamed attended a primary school in Kaduna and Maiduguri, and Buchan School in the UK. She further attended Henley Management College in 1989.

Who is Aamina chawahir Mohamed Jibril?

Amina Chawahir Mohamed Jibril ( Somali: Aamina Maxamed Jibriil; Arabic: أمينة محمد جبريل ‎) (born 5 October 1961) is a Kenyan lawyer, diplomat and politician. She is presently serving as the Cabinet Secretary for Sports in Kenya.