How do you get golden basic cards in Hearthstone?

Golden Cards in Hearthstone can be obtained from booster packs (more rare than normal cards)and are awarded from placing well (7 or more wins) in a round of Arena Mode. You can also get golden basic cards from advancing high enough with a specific class level, so some are free as leveling rewards.

Do Gold cards do anything Hearthstone?

Golden cards are special, rarer versions of cards. Each card exists in both a regular and a golden form. There is no difference in gameplay or behaviour on the battlefield, and golden cards do not allow you to circumvent the 2-per-deck (1-per-deck for legendaries) card restriction.

What are basic cards in Hearthstone?

Cards. The Basic card set features 143 collectible cards, 10 for each hero class and 43 neutral cards. All Basic cards are of Free rarity. Basic cards do not feature any icon or symbol behind their card text.

How do you get a gold character in Hearthstone?

Golden version of heroes are obtained when you hit 500 wins in Ranked Play mode with any given Hero. Golden Heroes gain cool, unique animations to their portrait and Hero Power. The player’s progress towards 500 wins is tracked under each character’s portrait on the deck selection screen in Ranked Play mode.

How do you unlock basic cards in Hearthstone?

Basic Cards are unique in that they are unlocked by leveling up heroes. As such, they can neither be crafted nor disenchanted. Reaching Level 10 with a class will make all of the remaining class-specific Basic Cards available.

What is a golden pack Hearthstone?

A new bundle containing five golden cards was just added to Hearthstone! Expand your collection with the Classic Gold Pack, which contains six packs of classic gold cards. The classic golden pack includes: 6 packs of classic gold cards. Each pack contains 5 golden cards, including at least 1 rare card or more.

What should I spend gold on in Hearthstone?

Spending gold Generally, buying card packs from the Shop is the quickest and easiest, but least efficient, way to obtain cards. If the player is able to consistently win 3 or more matches in the Arena, it is better to spend their money on buying an Arena run rather than simply buying card packs.

Is the core set free?

Probably the best news is that Core Sets will be free for every player. Unlocking it will work exactly like unlocking Basic set now – you need to hit level 10 with a specific Hero to unlock all of its Core cards.

What happens when you hit 500 wins in Hearthstone?

At 500 ranked wins with a character, you unlock a golden version of that hero. This is purely cosmetic- all it does is change the background around your portrait to a shiny gold colour and adds animation.

Do duels count towards Golden Hero?

Winning in duels does not count towards golden hero portrait as it should.