What is the lifespan of a Springerdoodle?

The Springerdoodle has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Are Sproodles good family pets?

We are combining the happy, wagging, biddable spaniel, with the intelligent and agile poodle. Both breeds are active, friendly, loyal breeds, whom love water and interaction. Both breeds are known for patience with children making them a fun family pet.

Are Springerdoodles hypoallergenic dogs?

Springerdoodles need to be brushed daily so that their thick coats do not become matted. Do springerdoodles shed? Though springerdoodles are relatively hypoallergenic, they do shed a little.

How smart are springer spaniels?

The Springer Spaniel is a highly intelligent dog breed. And according to canine psychologist Stanley Coren, they’re the 13th smartest dog breed for obedience and working intelligence. Combined with their high instinctive IQ in hunting and ability to learn for themselves, Springers are all-around smart dogs.

How much exercise does a Springerdoodle need?

Springerdoodles need lots of exercise, so plan on at least one long walk every day and frequent visits to the dog park where your sproodle can chase balls and run around with other dogs off-leash. Begin leash training with a new puppy as soon as you can. These pets love to swim, too.

Are springer spaniels hypoallergenic?

English Springer Spaniel/Hypoallergenic

And compared to other spaniels in general, he sheds more than an American Water Spaniel and noticeably more than the (virtually non-shedding) Irish Water Spaniel for example. Are English Springers hypoallergenic? No, they’re not hypoallergenic.

What kind of dog is a springerdoodle?

The Springerdoodle is a designer dog breed that originated in the United States. They are a cross between an English Springer Spaniel and a Poodle. A hybrid dog may take on characteristics from either or both of their parents. When it comes to a Springerdoodle, they are generally intelligent dogs that love their families and are eager to please.

How long do springerdoodles live?

A Springerdoodle generally lives 10-15 years. Springerdoodle may be the most common name for this designer dog breed, but they are also sometimes called a Springerpoo or a Sproodle. Why Are There So Many Poodle Mixes?

Do springerdoodles need to be groomed?

Puppy training classes may not be necessary, but they can be a good idea as they often provide opportunities to socialize a puppy. The grooming requirements for your Springerdoodle will depend on the coat they inherit from their parents. Should they end up with a Poodle coat, they will be low-shedding.

Why was the sproodle breed so popular?

The result was a charming dog that soon became very popular with people because it made such a good family dog. Read our Sproodle Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.