What is pre-orbital gland Lure?

Description: Extracted forehead, tear duct, ear gland and wax, mouth and lip saliva. Early in pre-rut as buck are traveling together they state their dominance by rubbing, chewing, licking and then smelling their epidermal glandular scents and saliva pheromones.

What is Interdigital scent?

INTERDIGITAL GLAND SCENT: Deer have glands in their hooves that secrete a subtle scent that signals their presence in an area and clearly marks active game trails. We have captured this scent and bottled it in an extremely effective lure.

How do you use pre-orbital gland lure?

Pre-orbital gland scent contains a specific pheromone that helps establish dominance in the herd. You can create a licking branch of your own when making a mock scrape or apply the pre-orbital gland scent to an existing licking branch to stimulate a buck’s natural instincts to rub and mark his territory.

How do you use Smokey’s Wicked Wick?

Starts here4:39Hanging Ropes with Smokey’s Wicked Wicks – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip46 second suggested clipMix it’s a pre-orbital mix with a few different bucks in it and. So we have this behind the buckMoreMix it’s a pre-orbital mix with a few different bucks in it and. So we have this behind the buck stick near the buck stick. And the cameras facing this way.

What scents to use on a mock scrape?

Best Mock Scrape Ingredients

  1. Grape Vine Licking Branch. Most likely the best licking branch ingredient for a mock scrape of all time, is a hip-high grapevine.
  2. Red Cedar Rub Post.
  3. Oak Licking Branch Enhancement.
  4. Urine For Scrape Scent.

What smell to put on licking branch?

Scenting The Branch or Vine Use the dripper to apply AllSeason™ Scent to the leaves and branches. This will help stimulate the deer to interact with the branch, leaving their own scent. This is what helps get your licking branch started.

What are scent glands called?

exocrine glands
Scent glands are exocrine glands found in most mammals. They produce semi-viscous secretions which contain pheromones and other semiochemical compounds. These odor-messengers indicate information such as status, territorial marking, mood, and sexual power.

Where are the scent glands on a human?

Scent glands are situated in the deep inguinal spaces that are found on either side of the anus immediately dorsal to the urogenital opening.

How do you use Smokey’s deer lures?

Starts here6:36Mock Scrapes with Smokey’s Deer Lures – YouTubeYouTube

How do you make a rope scrape?

Starts here11:056 Steps to a successful rope scrape for whitetail deer – YouTubeYouTube

Where is the best place to put a mock scrape?

The actual mock scrape is best created with a sturdy stick found in the area. Try to make the scrape on flat ground if possible and make sure it is free from all debris. A heat-activated scent dripper can help with conditioning a buck into showing up during legal light and spending more time in the area.