What is aggression in football manager?

Aggression. How likely a player is to choose to get involved in a physical situation and how much he exerts physical force in such situations. Physical situations include attempting to tackle an opposition player, marking an opposition player and competing with an opposition player to get to the ball.

What are the main attributes needed to become a professional footballer?

Physical attributes Speed, strength, acceleration, agility and sheer power are all very important in the modern game, but they will develop naturally during the early years of a player’s development. Much more important at a young age is the development of technical skills.

What is flair in Football Manager?

Flair is the ability of a player to get passed a defender with elegance and style. For example, players like januzaj,hazard , robben have flair while other players like muller,mandzukic,rooney dont have it. They are great players but lack flair.

How important is concentration fm21?

Concentration. This attribute shows the amount of time a player can remain concentrated on the game. When this attribute is poor it’s going to reduce the effectiveness of the player later on in the match and can add to the odds of him doing errors.

What are the different football manager attributes categories?

A player has three different attributes categories attached to his player profile. The Football Manager attributes categories are; technical player attributes, mental player attributes and physical player attributes, in addition to specific goalkeeper attributes (which is covered in an additional guide).

What are the different managerial styles in FM21?

FM21 has five different managerial styles; Disciplinarian – The points allocation will shift in favor of instilling a strong level of discipline, with high scores for the Man Management, Motivating, Mental and Tactical attributes. Motivator – The points allocation will shift towards the Motivating and Mental attributes.

What are the different profile views in football manager?

For every backroom staff of Football Manager their profile are split into different views featuring a set of attributes relating to their job role. Coaches and managers will possess a list of coaching and mental attributes, while the scouting and medical view includes attributes relating to analysis and medical.

How does football manager affect your performance over time?

Over time, Football Manager has more data input by you to judge what your attributes are and therefore can make you either more or less affective in a certain attribute over time. (Your attributes can move both up and down).