What is big Nates locker number?

Nate’s Locker is a locker owned by Nate Wright on the second floor. Nate mentioned that it was number 217 in one comic. Nate’s father claims that Nate cannot remember the combo of the locker, which is probably untrue since he includes them in his comics as he has every means of access to it.

Did Big Nate break up with Angie?

Nate, and Angie break up. Angie met Nate Wright in summer school when he was bluffing about being a tutor and a detention monitor (until he got busted by Mrs. Godfrey.) She eventually dumped him for Dan Labreque according to Nate.

How many girlfriends does Big Nate have?

Nate Wright has had 5 ex-girlfriends (6 if you count Abby Wilson.) Though, Ruby Dinsmore’s status with Nate is unknown, as she has only been seen in Big Nate Blasts Off, the last novel in the Big Nate book series, which was released in 2016.

Do Nate and Ruby end up together?

In Lock and Key, they end it with Ruby graduating. She is also on friendlier terms with Nate. If the story had told you about everything: Ruby went to college… and then she worked as a lawyer with her sister… and then she married and had a boy and a girl, the story would be less interesting.

Does Nate ever date Jenny?

Overview. Nate and Jenny date in Season 2 for a brief time. They are secretive at first because Jenny is worried Vanessa Abrams, who is like a sister to her, will find out about their relationship. However, when they kiss and Vanessa sees, Jenny runs away from Nate effectively ending the relationship.

Does Nate and Jenny date in Big Nate?

Jenny is the love interest of Nate, who wishes that she will dump Artur one day and start dating him instead. It was rumored that this would happen in “Big Nate In the Zone,” but it has since been proven false.

Where is Artur from?

Artur lived in the Republic of Belarus (Byelorussia in Russian), before enrolling in P.S. 38.