Is there an app for Sylvania TV remote?

1 Install the Sylvania Smart Home App The Sylvania Smart Home app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. If you’re using your Android device to view this guide, or have your Android device linked, you can use this link to jump directly to install the app.

Can I use my iPhone as a remote for a non smart TV?

Provided that you are willing to download an app—or purchase some physical hardware—you can certainly use your phone as a remote for a non-smart TV. If your phone has an IR (infrared) blaster, you’re definitely in luck. If not, purchasing a separate IR blaster that connects to your phone is your only option.

Can I use my iPhone as a universal remote?

‘TV Remote’ is an app that turns your iPhone into a universal control for your TV. The first time you open it, the app identifies all the connected TVs in your Wi-Fi network for quick pairing. You just have to choose your TV from the list and then authorize the app to work as a remote control.

How do I program my Sylvania TV without a remote?

Changing inputs If no remote is available, the front panel has a button that matches the function on the remote. This button is located on the bottom-right side of the TV and doubles as the “Enter” button when accessing onscreen menus.

Where is the remote app on iPhone?

Control Center
The Remote feature has been integrated into the Control Center on all iPhones running iOS 12 or later. You can access the Control Center by swiping down from the upper-right corner of your iPhone (this applies to any iPhone with a notch).

What app does Sylvania use?

SYLVANIA Smart Home app
Use the SYLVANIA Smart Home app on your Android phone to pair and control your SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth lights and accessories. Prepare and Verify your lights and accessories to work with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit with the SYLVANIA SMART+ App.