What is another word for generalized?

What is another word for generalized?

vague unspecified
comprehensive general
hazy indiscriminate
nebulous obscure
generalisedUK reducible

What is another word for being in pain?

1-3 torture, misery, torment. 2 pang, twinge, stitch. 7 afflict, torment; trouble, grieve.

What does Generalised mean in medical terms?

Medicine. a. Involving an entire organ. b. Spreading through or affecting the entire body; not localized: a generalized infection.

What does a generalized mean?

Generalized means involving many different things, rather than one or two specific things.

What does too generalized mean?

1 adj Generalized means involving many different things, rather than one or two specific things.

What is another word for deeply hurt?

What is another word for hurting deeply?

crucifying harrowing
torturing crushing
distressing mortifying
paining shattering
wounding racking

What is a generalized infection?

This chapter discusses generalized infections, which are some bacterial infections in microorganisms that are to be found not only in one area of infection, but can be isolated from specimens taken from several or many sites in the body.

What is a generalized example?

generalization, in psychology, the tendency to respond in the same way to different but similar stimuli. For example, a child who is scared by a man with a beard may fail to discriminate between bearded men and generalize that all men with beards are to be feared.

What is generalized other example?

Examples of the Other A “generalized other”: When we enter a grocery store without any knowledge of the grocer, our expectations are based only on knowledge of grocers and customers in general and what is usually supposed to take place when they interact.

What is the medical definition of generalized pain?

1a : spread or extended throughout the body : affecting many parts of the body generalized paralysis generalized aches and pains. b : affecting or involving all of a single part or region of the body generalized back pain generalized mouth soreness.

What is another word for generalised?

happening, existing, or felt over a wide area or among a lot of people a generalized anger against the government. The conflict has become more generalized. Synonyms and related words. Present everywhere or in many places:widespread, scattered, generalized…

What are some other words for pain?

other words for pain. MOST RELEVANT. ache. agony. burn. cramp. discomfort. fever. illness.

What is a good sentence for generalized?

Examples of generalized in a Sentence. The patient has been experiencing generalized pain. The most obvious factor for the PRI’s rapid decline is a generalized rejection of the party. — Michael Lettieri, Washington Post, “Mexico votes tomorrow.