What is a cornice on kitchen cabinets?

The cornice is the trim that fixes on the top of the kitchen cabinets, they are ideal for a handmade kitchen. These can either be straight, curved, traditional or in a shaker style, fitting in with both traditional and contemporary homes.

Do you need cornice on kitchen units?

You do not have to have cornice or pelmet fitted to your kitchen. They are primarily decorative, so are not needed for any structural reason. It is very common that modern kitchens won’t have any cornice or pelmet fitted. It gives a more streamlined and clean look, which suits certain kitchen styles.

What type of molding is best for top of kitchen cabinets?

Crown molding
Crown molding is decorative trim that is added to the top of your cabinets. The benefit of installing crown molding is that it draws the eye upward, showcasing the elegance of your cabinets. Crown molding can either bond with the ceiling or allow for space above the cabinet.

What is the difference between a cornice and a pelmet?

Cornice is the trim that sits at the top of the wall unit . Pelmet or light pelmet as some people call it, is the trim that fits underneath your wall units. Plinth is the skirting, the panel that fits around the bottom of your base units.

Can you paint kitchen cornice?

Our kitchen cornice to paint is available in three different style options, tangent cornice for the more traditional look, the bullnose cornice and the multi purpose rail, all of which are perfectly suited to add the finishing touch to any kitchen.

What is the bit above kitchen cabinets called?

A kitchen soffit (aka bulkhead) is something that majority of us have in our kitchens. They are often created to hide wires, pipes or other mechanicals in our kitchen. Sometimes they are even there to just fill the space above your cabinets.

Do I need cornices?

Many homes are currently being built without interior cornices. It’s fairly unusual to see a house without skirting boards and architraves, so it does seem unusual to leave cornices out. Cornices can, however, help to create a sense of warmth and personality within your home.

What is a timber dresser cornice?

Dresser timber cornices are designed to give the house builder a selection of shapes and sizes to suit all applications from kitchens and bathrooms to hallways and lounges. Available in a Pine, Ash, Oak and Sapele. The decorative timber work in any room can be co-ordinated ready for staining, painting or polishing.

What are the different styles of kitchen cornices and pelmets?

Finish your cabinets to perfection with our superb solid oak kitchen cornices and pelmets. Our cornices and pelmets are available in two different styles (Shaker and Traditional) to correspond with the cabinet frontal range.

Where are each of your cornices made?

Each is available in a variety of wood species and finishes to match your decor. All of our cornices have solid tops and are crafted right here in the USA at our Florence, Alabama facility. Contact us about special heights or any other customization you may need.

What is the difference between c737 and c869 cornice?

C737 Distinctive dentil cornice. Our mouldings are expertly machined in house to a smooth finish, ready to paint or stain. C869 Available to order in tulip & american white oak (use timber drop down). our mouldings are expertly machined in house to a smooth finish, ready to