How do I get karma code coverage?

Karma can generate code coverage using awesome Istanbul. If you want to generate the coverage, you need to configure up to three parts: preprocessor coverage (required) reporter coverage (required)…type

  1. html (default)
  2. lcov (lcov and html)
  3. lcovonly.
  4. text.
  5. text-summary.
  6. cobertura (xml format supported by Jenkins)

How do I run Karma coverage?

To add karma-coverage definition to the configuration file

  1. Open karma. conf.
  2. Locate the reporters definition and add coverage to the list of values in the format: reporters: [‘progress’, ‘coverage’]
  3. Add a preprocessors definition and specify the coverage scope in the format: preprocessors: {‘**/*.js’: [‘coverage’]}

What is karma coverage Istanbul reporter?

A karma reporter that uses the latest istanbul 1. x APIs (with full sourcemap support) to report coverage.

What is Istanbul Lib coverage?

An API that provides a read-only view of coverage information with the ability to merge and summarize coverage info. Supersedes object-utils and collector from the v0 istanbul API.

What is karma HTML reporter?

Reporter that dynamically shows tests results at debug. html page.

What is branches in karma code coverage?

Branch coverage is a metric that indicates whether all branches in a codebase are exercised by tests. A “branch” is one of the possible execution paths the code can take after a decision statement—e.g., an if statement—gets evaluated. A different metric can be at 100%, while branch coverage is lower.

Is Karma-coverage Istanbul reporter deprecated?

If you upgraded to Angular 11 recently, you might have noticed that karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter has been deprecated. It can simply be replaced with karma-coverage and by changing some things in karma. conf.

Are the reports working with Karma?

Seems like the reports working just fine. Karma is awesome and easy, as it was demonstrated in this post and setting up code coverage for your project is equally easy. We saw how to setup Karma to run tests using Jasmine framework and how to setup code coverage with Istanbul to get reports on coverage.

Is there a Karma-remap-Istanbul?

There is karma-remap-istanbul which integrates nicely remap-istanbul with karma. Documentation is pretty self explanatory but one thing – to have summary on the console the config is text: undefined (otherwise text output goes to the file).

How to setup Karma to run tests using Jasmine framework?

We saw how to setup Karma to run tests using Jasmine framework and how to setup code coverage with Istanbul to get reports on coverage. All you need to do is to download the karma-coverage package set the preprocessors, reporters and reporter options and run Karma, simple as that. If you liked this blog post, please like, share and subscribe!

How to get PhantomJS code coverage reports using Istanbul?

Same goes for karma-phantomjs-launcher, which loads PhantomJS browser into Karma, in order to be used in browsers configuration, or karma-coverage, which provides code coverage reports using Istanbul. The reporters configuration takes ‘progress’ and ‘coverage’.