What does uwot M8 mean?

“U WOT M8” is a shorthand for “You what, mate?” which is a colloquialism used by English speakers in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. It is typically used in response to an incoherent proposition put forth by someone else, along the similar lines of “what did you just say?” or wat or what is this.

Why is the M8A1 so hard to detect?

The vehicle was equipped with a 75 mm short-barrel howitzer; however, attempts were made to fit a 75 mm tank gun into a modernized turret. The M8A1 is very mobile, which, when combined with its good DPM, absolves the con of low armor. Once the crew reaches 100% in Camouflage, the M8A1 is difficult to detect. It’s meant for support.

Is the M8A1 a good tank?

The M8A1 belongs in a supporting role, whittling down opponents who don’t know any better, or those that simply can’t see you. This tank is considered by many as a “pocket Hellcat” and looks and plays similarly to its tier 6 counterpart.

What does M8 mean in texting?

Its l33t-style shorthand form “M8” has been used in IRC channels and instant messaging since the 1990s. Its online use as a shorter way of saying mate was first noted via Urban Dictionary [5] in November 2002. Throughout the 2000s, “You what, mate?” and its variants like “WTF, mate?” and “what is this mate?”