Is Nairobi hot or cold?

In Nairobi, the summers are short, warm, and overcast and the winters are short, cool, dry, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 54°F to 81°F and is rarely below 50°F or above 84°F.

What is the coldest month in Nairobi?


Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month March (70 °F avg)
Coldest Month July (63 °F avg)
Wettest Month April (2.51″ avg)
Windiest Month March (9 mph avg)

Does Kenya ever get cold?

Daily maximum temperatures range from 80 °F (27 °C) in July to 90 °F (32 °C) in October and February. In the Rift Valley, average temperatures decrease from about 84 °F (29 °C) in the north to just over 61 °F (16 °C) around Lakes Nakuru and Naivasha in the south.

What is Kenya’s hottest month?

In general, the warmest period in Kenya is from February to March, while the coolest is from July to August, although the seasonal variations in temperature are small.

Does it snow in Nairobi Kenya?

Snow in Nairobi Nairobi experiences a subtropical highland climate where temperatures drop to 48 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius). January is the month with the least precipitation, with an accumulation of 1.1 inches (28 millimeters). It does not snow in Nairobi.

Does Kenya get snow?

Generally, Kenya does not experience snow, although snow is permanently present on the peak of Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in the country.

Are there mosquitoes in Nairobi?

Waqo Ejersa, the head of the National Malaria Control Programme, said Nairobi remains a low-risk malaria area. It is the female Anopheles mosquito that transmits malaria. The insects in Nairobi are the Culex mosquitoes, he said. “Vehicles and aircraft may also bring in infected mosquitoes into the city,” Muhia said.

Is English spoken in Kenya?

The official languages of Kenya are English and Swahili. English is the language of big business, higher education and government. The standard spoken Swahili is usually considered the dialect of Zanzibar.

Is English widely spoken in Kenya?

Kenya is a multilingual country. The Bantu Swahili language and English, the latter being inherited from colonial rule (see British Kenya), are widely spoken as lingua franca.