What does pll05 mean?

The PLL05, also referred as the Type 05, self-propelled mortar system is a Chinese development. It was introduced in 2001. This vehicle was originally designed for export market, however no orders were placed. In 2008 a modified variant with redesigned turret was adopted by the Chinese army.

What kind of gun does a pll05 have?

The PLL05 is armed with a 120 mm breach-loaded gun/mortar. It is fitted with a semi-automatic loader. This weapon combines features of both mortar and howitzer. Vehicle fires rifled rounds and all 120 mm mortar mines.

What is the difference between the pll05 and the Nona-SVK?

This mortar system is also compatible with Russian KM-8 Gran precision guided mortar rounds, that have a range of 9 km. Turret of the PLL05 can traverse through 360 degrees. In contrast the Nona-SVK has a traverse range of only 70 degrees. Rate of fire depends on the projectile type and varies between 4 and 10 rounds per minute.

What is the difference between pll05 and wma029?

The PLL05 is highly mobile and can be rapidly deployed using road and motorway network. Two of these vehicles can be airlifted by the Y-8 tactical transport aircraft, and three by the new Y-20 heavy lifter. WMA029 is an export version of the PLL05. It seems that so far it received no production orders.