What does it mean to call someone Brody?

Definition of brodie 1 slang : dive : suicidal leap do a brodie. 2 slang : fall, failure, boner pull a brodie : flop.

Why do people call me Brody?

(Internet slang) A close friend; a man deserving of admiration.

Does Brodie mean brother?

as a boys’ name is pronounced BROH-dee. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Brody is “ditch”. Also possibly related to “brathair” meaning “brother” in Irish. There is a Castle Brodie in Scotland.

What is a Brody in a car?

Noun. brody (plural brodies) (slang) Intentionally spinning in circles and sliding in an automobile.

What is a Broady slang?

(slang) Intentionally spinning in circles and sliding in an automobile. I spun a brody in some chat up at the old zinc mine. noun.

What is the meaning of Broady?

broadyverb. To take or steal something.

Is Brodie a unisex name?

The given name can be a male or female name, originating from the surname….Given name.

Gender Male or Female
Word/name Pictish or Gaelic
Meaning Unknown meaning, various theories.
Region of origin Brodie, Moray, Scotland. {Map}

What does the name Brody mean in Irish?

In Irish Baby Names the meaning of the name Brody is: From the muddy place.

How do you spell Brodie?

Brodie Origin and Meaning The name Brodie is a boy’s name meaning “little ridge”. This geographic Scottish surname is more often spelled Brody in the US.

What does getting broody mean?

You say that someone is broody when they are thinking a lot about something in an unhappy way. He became very withdrawn and broody. 2. adjective. A broody hen is ready to lay or sit on eggs.

Where is Broady in Australia?

Broadway is a 700-metre (2,300 ft) road in inner city Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The road constitutes the border between the suburbs of Ultimo (to the north) and Chippendale (to the south). Broadway is also an urban locality.