What is considered a medical home?

Medical Home Definition A medical home is an approach to providing comprehensive and high quality primary care. Continuous: The same primary care clinician cares for the child from infancy through young adulthood, providing assistance and support to transition to adult care.

What is a medical home in healthcare?

The medical home is best described as a model or philosophy of primary care that is patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, accessible, and focused on quality and safety.

What are the 5 attributes of medical homes?

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  • Comprehensive Care.
  • Patient-Centered Care.
  • Coordinated Care.
  • Accessible Services.
  • Quality & Safety.

What is the concept of patient-centered medical home?

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a care delivery model whereby patient treatment is coordinated through their primary care physician to ensure they receive the necessary care when and where they need it, in a manner they can understand.

Which characteristic of patient-Centered Medical Homes is considered key?

The primary care medical home provides health care that is relationship-based with an orientation toward the whole person. Partnering with patients and their families requires understanding and respecting each patient’s unique needs, culture, values, and preferences.

What is another name for a medical home?

The medical home, also known as the patient-centered medical home (PCMH), is a team-based health care delivery model led by a health care provider to provide comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients with a goal to obtain maximal health outcomes.

What does ACO stand for in healthcare?

Accountable Care Organizations
Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) What is an ACO? ACOs are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers, who come together voluntarily to give coordinated high-quality care to their Medicare patients.

Which characteristic of patient-Centered medical Homes is considered key?

What is the AHRQ program?

AHRQ invests in research and evidence to make health care safer and improve quality. AHRQ creates materials to teach and train health care systems and professionals to help them improve care for their patients. AHRQ generates measures and data used to track and improve performance and evaluate progress of the U.S. Health system.

What is a “medical home?

Building on the work of a large and growing community, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) defines a medical home not simply as a place but as a model of the organization of primary care that delivers the core functions of primary health care.

What is the AHRQ health literacy universal precautions toolkit?

The AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit, 2nd edition, can help primary care practices reduce the complexity of health care, increase patient understanding of health information, and enhance support for patients of all health literacy levels.

What is quality and safety in the medical home?

Quality and Safety. The primary care medical home demonstrates a commitment to quality and quality improvement by ongoing engagement in activities such as using evidence-based medicine and clinical decision-support tools to guide shared decision making with patients and families, engaging in performance measurement and improvement,…