What did Melissa George star in?

On television, George has had recurring roles on Alias (2003–04), Grey’s Anatomy (2008–09) and The Good Wife (2013–14), and a starring role on the NBC medical drama Heartbeat (2016). She received a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of Laura Hill on HBO’s In Treatment (2008).

Who plays Marilyn Garbanza?

Melissa George
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What age is Melissa George?

45 years (August 6, 1976)
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Is Melissa George Australian?

The second of four children, Australian actress Melissa George was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1976. The daughter of Pamela, a nurse, and Glenn George, a construction worker, Melissa initially expressed interest in various forms of dance rather than acting.

What nationality is Melissa George?

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Was Dieter Brummer married?

Brummer and Home and Away co-star Melissa George, who portrayed his partner and later screen wife Angel Parrish, were promoted as a soap super couple in the early 90s….

Dieter Brummer
Died 24 July 2021 (aged 45) Glenhaven, New South Wales, Australia
Occupation Actor
Years active 1991–2021

Is Marilyn pregnant with Peter’s baby?

She reveals that she is pregnant, then in a later episode she reveals the name of the child to be Peter. She says it is the name of the unborn baby’s father, which leaves Eli Gold to think it’s Peter Florrick’s baby. The father of the child is later revealed not to be Peter Florrick, but another man named Peter.

Who does Peter sleep with in the good wife?

Alicia Discovers Kalinda Slept With Peter The writers briefly flirted with putting the two ex-BFFs back together in season three, before basically keeping the two as far apart as possible until Kalinda left Chicago for good at the end of season six.

What does Melissa George do for a living?

ModelFilm actor
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Where is Melissa George living?

Melissa has lived in Paris since starting a family there with her former partner Jean-David Blanc. The couple split in 2016 but she has remained in Paris with Raphaël and Solal Samuel Glenn as a single mother.

Who did Martin Henderson play in Grey’s Anatomy?

Martin Henderson played Nathan Riggs from season twelve to season fourteen of Grey’s Anatomy . Born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1974, Martin Henderson began acting at the age of 13.

Where can I watch Grey’s Anatomy online?

Watch the official Grey’s Anatomy online at ABC.com. Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes

What happened to Nathan Riggs on Grey’s Anatomy?

As exits from Grey’s Anatomy go, Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) last episode this week was rather gentle. He wasn’t bombed, hit by a bus or sent onto a crashing plane, but rather starting a new life with his second-time fiancée Megan (Abigail Spencer) and her adopted son.Oct 27, 2017

What happened to Martin Henderson from home and away?

Martin also worked on Home and Away and eventually left Australia for New York to study acting and theatre. After starring in a couple of movies, including The Ring and Windtalkers, Henderson landed a series regular role on Off the Map, a medical show executive produced by Shonda Rhimes, in 2010.