What are arm swords called?

“The arming sword (also sometimes called a knight’s or knightly sword) is a type of European sword with a single-handed cruciform hilt and straight double-edged blade of around 70 cm – 80 cm, in common use from the 11th to 16th centuries.” says Wikipedia.

Are katanas male or female?

Katana is a male name in Old Persian and a well-used word in Japanese, but as a girls’ name is these days found more often as Kitana, the name of a princess in the video game Mortal Kombat II.

What is a wrist blade?

Wristblades, also known as Gauntlet Knives, are the most basic of Yautja weapons and arguably the species’ signature armament. Generally, Yautja wear a single gauntlet on one wrist fitted with a pair of parallel blades, but there are a number of stylistic variations to this basic arrangement.

Why is it called the bastard sword?

Why do they call it a bastard sword? The term Bastard sword originates from the the French ‘epee batarde’. This term was used to refer to a ‘hand and a half sword’ or a ‘long sword’. The versatility of the design prevented the sword from being specifically categorized as either a one-handed or two-handed weapon.

Can a blade be permanently attached to your arm?

Permanently-attached blade: Embedding the blades inside your arms, from where they can be deployed and retracted by thought alone (usually employed by robots, cyborgs, and other non- regular human characters). Blade replaces hand or arm: Replacing one or both of your hands or even your arms with large swords.

What is arms & armor handcraft?

Arms & Armor handcrafts replicas of specific historical swords. We model our work on antiquities that we have been able to examine, and on period representations such as engravings, paintings, and funerary monuments.

Why does Shinkuro have a sword in his arm?

Shinkuro from the anime Kure Nai, as a child, had a sword-like blade placed inside his arm while he was training with a family of ex-assassins after the death of his own family. It pops out through his elbow when he gets overly agitated in combat, and in the final episode he proves to be frighteningly efficient with it.

Does Shatterstar have a sword in X Factor?

In X-Factor, sword wielding Shatterstar made a reappearance after a lengthy stay in Comic-Book Limbo, sporting an updated look in an attempt to drag him out of the Dark Age. This new costume includes a leather jacket which covers a mechanism that houses blades on either side of his forearms.