What is sukuk and how does it work?

A sukuk is an Islamic financial certificate, similar to a bond in Western finance, that complies with Islamic religious law commonly known as Sharia. The issuer must also make a contractual promise to buy back the bond at a future date at par value.

What are the features of sukuk?

Sukuk is a financial instrument that shares characteristics with bond and stock which are issued to finance trade or the production of tangible assets6 . Similar to a bond, Sukuk has a maturity date and in some of them the holder will receive a regular income over the period and a final payment at the maturity date.

How does sukuk work Malaysia?

Sukuk represent certificates of equal value that evidence undivided ownership or investment in the assets using Shariah principles and concepts endorsed by the Shariah Advisory Council. Essentially, when you invest in Sukuk, your money is put into the assets of a project or investment in order to generate profit.

How is sukuk calculated?

The general concept of pricing in sukuk is similar to bonds. Sukuk is using time value of money where the present value is the price of sukuk while sukuk will be redeemed at future value or face value at maturity and yields income. The coupon will determine whether the yields incomes are fixed or variable.

What is sukuk insurance?

Sukuk (Islamic bond or “Sharia-compliant” bond) is an Islamic financial certificate that represents a portion of ownership in a portfolio of eligible existing or future assets. Then, the issuer uses the proceeds from the certificates to purchase the asset, and investors receive partial ownership of the asset.

Who are the parties involved in sukuk issuance?

The investors (sukuk holders) are the buyers of the project, and the obligator is the manufacturer.

What is sukuk Fund?

What are the advantages benefits of sukuk?

Sukuk can play an important part in the development of an Islamic market and banking system. The main advantage of sukuk is to comply with Sharia while boosting the standard of living in Islamic society and developing these societies’ economies.

Can Salam be used for issuance of sukuk?

Also known as salam sukuk and bai salam sukuk. The SPV finances the purchase of these assets with the proceeds of a sukuk issuance. The SPV holds the assets in trust for the sukuk holders who each own a proportionate interest in the assets in accordance with the value of their investment.

What are the benefits of sukuk?

What is sukuk bond in Bangladesh?

Islamic Sukuk Bonds are a new investment vehicle for different categories of investors in Bangladesh. The word ‘Sukuk’ refers to a financial instrument governed by Islamic Shariah law. This Sukuk bond has three distinct parties – investors, borrower, and a third party who will connect these investors and the borrower.

How much sukuk has been issued in 2016?

According to Standard and Poor’s, approximately US$77.1 billion of sukuk were issued by corporations, sovereign entities and government related entities (GREs) in 2016, amounting to more than double the US$33.6 billion raised in 2006. As lower oil prices continue to reduce the capacity of banks to

Why Malaysia for sukuk issuers?

Malaysia has a deep domestic market that supports local-currency sukuk issuances. Moody’s Investors Service expects sukuk issuance by Islamic financial institutions in Malaysia to grow 10-13% in 2018 and Malaysia will remain a key issuer in south-east Asia.

What is the sukuk Handbook?

Latham & Watkins | The Sukuk Handbook: A Guide To Structuring Sukuk 1 THE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF SUKUK The development of modern Shari’ah compliant financial products is relatively new, dating back to the early 1970s and the emergence of the first Islamic banks. In recent years, Shari’ah scholars and market participants

What are the new innovations in sukuk?

Innovation in Sukuk included Qatar Islamic Bank tapping the Formosa sukuk market in Taiwan, and Malaysia issuing a first digital retail sukuk. The world has changed, and investors find themselves in a “new normal” also when it comes to money market investments. An advanced liquidity manag