How do I read notifications on my Suunto traverse?

To view notifications on your watch:

  1. Press START to enter the start menu.
  2. Scroll to NOTIFICATIONS with START and press NEXT.
  3. Scroll through the notifications with START or LIGHT.

How do I turn off notifications on my Suunto traverse?

Suunto Traverse User Guide – 2.1 Press LIGHT to scroll to CONNECTIVITY and press NEXT. Press LIGHT to scroll to Notifications. Toggle on/off with LIGHT. Exit by keeping NEXT pressed.

Does Suunto Traverse have Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth icon on your Suunto Traverse Alpha flashes when data is being synced. If your mobile device has an active data connection and Bluetooth is on, logs are synced with Suunto app when automatic syncing is on.

How do I get notifications on Suunto?

If you have paired your watch with the Suunto app and using an Android phone, you can get notifications of incoming calls and text messages, for example, on your watch. . When you pair your watch with the app, notifications are on by default. You can turn them off from the settings under Notifications.

How do I activate notifications on my Suunto watch using iPhone?

On your iPhone, after you paired your watch to your iPhone, go to Settings – Bluetooth and tap the watch name under the paired devices. Toggle on Share System Notifications.

How long does Suunto 7 battery last?

The Suunto 7 can keep going for up to 7 hours during outdoor training with GPS and maps, assuming the watch map is on for 10 seconds once every 3 minutes.

How do I use my Suunto Traverse GPS?


  1. Keep NEXT pressed to enter the options menu.
  2. Scroll to NAVIGATION with START and enter with NEXT.
  3. Scroll to Settings with LIGHT and select with NEXT.
  4. Scroll to GNSS with START and select with NEXT.
  5. Choose GPS & GLONASS to activate GLONASS.
  6. Keep NEXT pressed to exit.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my Suunto traverse?

The following steps should help you enable the connection between the app & your watch:

  1. Tap the Watch icon to enter the pairing screen.
  2. Suunto app will ask for notification and optimization permissions, select them according to your needs and desired privacy settings.
  3. The phone will start looking for your watch.

Do Suunto watches receive text messages?

Is the Suunto traverse compatible with other apps?

The Suunto Traverse is compatible with Suunto Movescount App (iOS and Android) that keeps a documentation of all of your efforts and will even construct a 3D map of your outings, which is useful for reviewing your training later. This app was super fun to explore but can get addicting, so beware.

How do I Turn on notifications on my Suunto device?

Suunto 3, 5, 9, and Suunto Spartan collections: go to the Settings – select Notifications and toggle on the notifications. Ambit3: open the Options menu – Connectivity – Settings – Notifications – On (available only when paired with Suunto app).

What is the battery life of the Suunto traverse?

The face is large, the buttons are user-friendly and the app is sound. The Suunto Traverse comes with a powerful Lithium Ion battery that is listed to last up to 100 hours in continuous GPS mode or up to 14 days when in watch mode. The Lithium battery is rechargeable via a connector cable and usually recharges in a couple of hours.

How do I verify the supported Suunto watch languages?

To verify the supported Suunto watch languages, open Settings > General > Language. I can still see notifications on my watch even if I read them on the phone. Open the message from the notification center and read it.