Where can I find medication information?

Center Watch. Destination for clinical trial information for both professionals and patients.

  • DailyMed. Official source for up-to-date FDA label information (package inserts) in the U.S.
  • DrugBank.
  • Drugs.com.
  • Electronic Medicines Compendium.
  • Epocrates.
  • European Medicines Agency.
  • Everyday Health.
  • What is drug information portal?

    The Drug Information Portal is a free Web resource from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) that provides a user-friendly gateway to current information for more than 15,000 drugs.

    What is a drug database?

    Drug databases are sites where information about drugs and medications are stored, and one of the largest (and most commonly used) drug databases is compiled by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Prescription medications.

    What are the four main sources of drug information?

    Drug information was sourced from colleagues (161, 98.8%), reference books (158, 96.9%), pharmaceutical sales representatives-PSRs (152, 93.2%), promotion materials (151, 92.6%), scientific papers/journals/internet (149, 91.4%), and drug promotion forum/product launches (144, 88.3%).

    What are the different source of drug information?

    Drug information sources have been traditionally classified in three different categories: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

    What are examples of drug information sources?

    Drug information resources such as RxNorm, ChemIDplus, DrugInfo, and ClinicalTrials.gov (Table 1) integrate certain kinds of drug information relevant to broad usage domains including pharmacy, clinical practice, toxicology, chemistry, and clinical and pre-clinical research.

    What do drug information pharmacists do?

    Pharmacists working at the FDA may provide advisory, regulatory, and scientific drug information regarding new drug approvals. Additional responsibilities may include responding to drug information requests, reviewing generic drug products, and post-marketing surveillance.