How do I get signed by Gersh?

To sign with a Gersh agent, you’ll need an industry referral, which means that someone in your network must refer you in order to submit any materials. Working actors with solid reels and some prior experience have the best chance of being represented by and building their careers with Gersh.

What does the Gersh Agency do?

A leader in the entertainment industry for over 70 years! With offices in Beverly Hills and New York, Gersh maintains twelve full-service departments: Talent, Literary, Film Finance, Books, Comedy, Theater, Production, Alternative, Digital, Branding, Commercial Production and Commercial Endorsements.

How can I contact Gersh?

The Gersh Agency

  1. 9465 Wilshire Blvd. 6th Floor Beverly Hills CA 90212.
  2. (310) 274-6611.
  3. (310) 278-6232.

Who owns the Gersh Agency?

Current clients The agency is currently run by Phil Gersh’s sons, Bob and David.

Who runs the Gersh Agency?

The agency is currently run by Phil Gersh’s sons, Bob and David.

Who runs Gersh Agency?

Who does the Gersh Agency represent?

The Gersh Television Literary & Packaging Department represents individuals in every facet of scripted television on a worldwide basis. Our clients are regular winners and nominees of many awards, including, but not limited to, the Emmys, Golden Globes, Writer’s Guild, Director’s Guild, and others.

How do actors get agents?

Talk to your actor friends, teachers, and the rest of your network about potential options for an agent or agency, and use the Internet to find local SAG-AFTRA agents. You should understand which agents and agencies are right for your specific type of acting so that you’re making connections with the right people.

Can you become an actor without an agent?

To be an actor without an agent takes a lot of preparation. When a casting agent calls you have to be ready. An actor’s tool kit must include a professional headshot, an example audition scene or showreel, and a CV of your recent professional work.