Is there a battlefield companion app?

Assuming you have an Android, iOS or Windows 10-powered smartphone, Battlefield Companion lets you “track Battlefield progress, customize your loadout [and] connect with friends,” so says the blurb on the game’s site. …

Is there a Battlefield Mobile app?

Battlefield Mobile has been confirmed for both Android and iPhone/iOS.

Is there an app for Battlefield 2042?

EA DICE has made the Battlefield Portal web app available early – allowing Battlefield 2042 players to begin creating and sharing custom modes.

What happened to the battlefield companion app?

Since Battlelog is all but gone from Battlefield 1, this change makes sense. The app will now simply be called Battlefield Companion, complete with a new design and interface. It supports Battlefield 1, of course, and lets you see an overview of your career, as well as those of your friends.

How do you make a platoon in bf5?


  1. Open the sidebar menu. From the main Battlefield V menu: hit ESC on PC, Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox One.
  2. Choose Platoons.
  3. Choose Find Platoon.
  4. Hit the Create Platoon button.

How do I see my stats in Battlefield 2042?

Press Tab on PC or Hold Options on Consoles to Check your KD Opening the scoreboard and checking your KD in Battlefield 2042 differs based on the platform you’re playing the game on.

How do I get Battlefield mobile Alpha?

Battlefield Mobile alpha (early access) APK download

  1. Download the APK file of the Battlefield Mobile alpha from the link listed above.
  2. Locate the file on your device in the downloads folder.
  3. Open the APK file and hit the Install button.
  4. Open the Battlefield Mobile app and you’ll be ready to get started.

How do you play the portal in Battlefield 2042?

Once you’ve finished modifying on the website, if you tap finish you’ll be sent an Experience Code, which you can plug into Battlefield 2042 in the portal hub, under the Experience Code tab. This will then pull your custom mode into the game, and you’ll be able to play it online with your friends.

How do you make a portal in battlefield?

Visit the Battlefield Portal Builder website on any browser to begin. You can then select “Create Something New” if you want to build your Experience from the ground up. You’ll be able to select game modes, maps (up to 20), etc. and then name your Experience and give it a short description to save it.

Does battlefield companion work on bf4?

The Battlefield Companion app for smartphones The Battlefield Companion is available for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. It allows players to view stats, unlock and customize weapons and loadouts, equip Emblems, and coordinate with friends through Platoons.