Can you float down the Salt River right now?

After experiencing some turbulent waters last year due to the pandemic, Salt River Tubing is open for the summer 2021 season to help cool Arizonans down.

How much does it cost for Salt River Tubing?

Tube rentals and shuttle service are available 7 days a week, starting at 9 a.m and it only cost $17 per person/tube! Group reservations are available for tubing Mon. – Fri., excluding holidays.

Where should I start floating the Salt River?

How long does it take to float the Salt River? I would recommend launching at point #1 on the map. As you are driving towards Saguaro Lake on Bush Hwy, just before the Saguaro Lake Ranch you’ll see a parking area for water recreation use.

How long does it take to float the Salt River AZ?

Most people go tubing on the Salt River between May and September. It can take anywhere from two to six hours to tube the Salt River, depending on where you launch, where you stop, and how the water’s flowing.

Where are the wild horses on Salt River?

Top places to see the Salt River wild horses

  • 1.) Phon D Sutton Recreation Site.
  • 2.) Butcher Jones Recreation Site.
  • 3.) Granite Reef.
  • 4.) Coon Bluff.
  • 5.) Blue Point.
  • 6.) Pebble Beach Recreation Area.
  • 7.) Saguaro Lake.
  • 8.) Kayaking along the Salt River (Saguaro Lake Ranch offers kayak rentals and a shuttle ride back to your car)

Is Salt River Tubing open during the week?

Salt River Tubing and Recreation is open 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m. seven days a week, weather and water flow conditions permitting, with safety protocols in place.

What months is Salt River Tubing open?

They are open on May 1st and close in late September. over a year ago.

Can you tube the Salt River on your own?

Salt River Tubing does not own the Salt River Recreation Area, so if you buy your own tubes (try Walmart or Costco), and have two cars such that you can park one down river, and then drive everyone up to the point at which you want to start (and then drive back to get the car later) you don’t have to utilize Salt River …

What should I wear to the Salt River Tubing?

What to Bring:

  • Sunglasses, a hat and lots of sunscreen.
  • Swimsuits are de rigueur, but consider bringing more clothing to protect from the hot sun.
  • Water shoes: Flip-flops may be lost, and the sand is too hot for bare feet.
  • Old sheets and towels: useful as tube covers to protect bare skin from the hot rubber.

What should I bring to the Salt River?

When is the Salt River rafting season in Phoenix AZ?

The Salt River provides the only whitewater rafting near Phoenix and Tuscon! The season runs from March – May so make your plans now and do not miss the great water this Spring! The 2019 Salt River Rafting season was a blast but unfortunately has come to an end!

What are the best whitewater raft trips in the Phoenix area?

The only Sonoran Desert whitewater raft trip in the world is appropriate for adventurous first timers or families and the experienced rafter as well. One of the top “off the beaten path” things to do in the Phoenix & Tucson area. Partial – Full Day – Overnight – Multi-day Guided Whitewater River Trips! They are a bunch of morons.

How long is a rafting trip in Arizona?

Raft trips range from 1 day to 5 days and are ideal for families, friends, groups, experienced or inexperienced whitewater rafters. The Salt River provides the only whitewater rafting near Phoenix and Tuscon. Group Rates are available and we run Specials and Discounts throughout the year.

How deep is the Salt River Canyon in Arizona?

Welcome to the Salt River Canyon! Join us on a Salt River rafting trip and experience the incredible scenery and whitewater rafting of Arizona’s hidden gem, the stunning 2000 foot deep Salt River Canyon. Whether you are looking to escape for a day or are visiting Arizona our trip options provide a thrilling and fun outing for all types!