What did Damien Parer do?

Damien Peter Parer (1 August 1912 – 17 September 1944) was an Australian war photographer. He became famous for his war photography of the Second World War, and was killed by Japanese machine-gun fire at Peleliu, Palau.

What school did Damien Parer attend?

St Kevin’s College
St Stanislaus’ CollegeSt Mary’s College
Damien Parer/Education

Where did Damien Parer grow up?

Damien Peter Parer was born on the 1st August, 1912, at Malvern, Victoria, being the 8th child of Mr and Mrs John Arthur Parer. His father was born at Barcelona, Spain and migrated with his parents and other members of the family to Australia at the age of 16.

Where was Damien Parer born?

Malvern, Australia
Damien Parer/Place of birth

What did Harold John Clark do?

During his career Clark published thirty-five entomological papers. In view of his worldwide reputation as an authority on Australian ants, the division of entomology of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research arranged in 1947 for him to undertake a comprehensive revision of the group.

When was Damien Parer born?

August 1, 1912
Damien Parer/Date of birth

When did Harold John Clark died?

Roll of Honour Harold John Clark

Service number 4462
Date of Death 25 August 1918
Place of Death France
Cause of Death Killed in action
Place of Association Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Where did Harold John Clark serve?

Harold John CLARK

Regimental number 4462
Next of kin Father, Mr N Clark, Quadrant, Launceston, Tasmania
Previous military service Served in the Launceston Infantry for a few months
Enlistment date 24 August 1915
Rank on enlistment Private