Why do cops chase you in Smashy road?

This is the level you start with in the game. The game starts out as the vehicle goes down the road. A police car on the left side of the road will start to chase you. The player’s wanted level goes up when there score reaches 30 or when you damage a police car.

What is F1 in Smashy road?

The F1 has the highest speed out of every car in the game along with the Rocket, Drag Racer, and Stealth Drag. However, it’s arguably one of the best legendaries.

What does the moneyman do in srw2?

The Money Man is a legendary vehicle which lets you gain 5x credits from a single unit of money instead of one. This ability is unique to the last third row legendaries as well, namely the Beast and the Flipper.

Can the hovercraft float in Smashy road?

an epic car that looks like a boatcar. Real life hovercraft can float on water but the hovercraft on smashy road can’t float on water. …

What do helicopters do in Smashy road?

Army Helicopter (Apache) – Resembles the old Smashy Road Army helicopter. In addition to following the player, it will now target a small area on the ground and launch several missiles at it. These missiles can cause serious damage, potentially instantly killing the player.

How do you unlock the tank in SRW 2?

The Tank is a Mystery vehicle in Smashy Road Wanted 2. It (when obtained) will automatically fire bullets in the direction of any near enemies. To obtain the tank, the player must find their way into a military camp, then enter the tank they see and destroy 10 enemies in under 60 seconds.

How do you get the tank in Smashy Road 2?

How do you get the key for the clown car in Smashy Road 2?

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How do you get Legendaries in Smashy road arena?

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Can any car go on water in Smashy road?

Sadly it cannot go on water due to not being a legendary car. It is hard to move the car because the car is slippery. It was the worst car because it not a legendary car to float.

Are there any legendarys in Smashy road arena?

Smashy road arena legendarys: 10. Korty unknown ability. Legendary truck in smashy road arena. In early updates of the game, there were only first row legendaries: Tank destroyer, F1 and Moneyman. The ability of 5X cash is unique to all third column legendaries.

What is a ranked legendary car?

Cars that are ranked legendary are the rarest cars in the game, and are the hardest to get from the Slot machine. As a result, they often have a special ability or good stats, which can help boost a player’s score. See Cars Maui more info on the stats of legendary cars.

What are the special abilities of the police cars in GTA?

1: Tank destroyer Special ability: Extremely high durability, able to push cars (police cars or bystander cars) and one-hit police cars. 2: Time machine Special ability: Able to “time travel,” causing all police cars on the screen to fly into the air.