Why are red currants illegal?

The federal government had banned the growing of black and red currants in 1911 when the burgeoning logging industry put pressure on lawmakers to eliminate the currants because they were thought to be an intermediate host of white pine blister rust.

Are red currant berries edible?

The pearl sized berries are loosely clustered in elongated strands and have a somewhat translucent sheen. Their brilliant red skin encases a pulpy flesh that contains 3-12 tiny edible seeds.

What does red currant taste like?

Red currants are bracingly tart and a bit sweet, like a sugar-kissed cranberry. They’re consumed in their cooked form more often than fresh. The sweeter black currants are made into liqueurs, cordials, candies, jams, jellies and syrups and are most popular.

Why are currants banned in America?

The growing and importation of currants were banned in New York and other parts of the United States for more than half a century because they were thought to help spread a fungus that threatened the timber industry.

What are red currants good for?

Red or black, the currant is a good vitamin source. The red currant must be preferably ripe and fresh, so as to preserve all its nutritional value. Its content in flavonoids and vitamin B helps to fortify the capillaries, protecting the body tissues and preventing arteriosclerosis, apoplexy and diabetes.

Are red currants illegal?

Did you know … that the growing of Red Currants was banned in the United States in the early twentieth century? Red currants are a small, glossy, bright red berry. The federal ban was lifted in 1966, but several northern states continued to prohibit the cultivation of such berries until the early twenty-first century.

What are currants and what do they taste like?

Currants have a sweet berry taste. There are several varieties of currants. The fruits come in black, red, white and pink colors. The black currant is the most nutritious. Black currants are high in antioxidants, and they have more antioxidant properties than elderberries, cranberries and chokeberries.

What are the benefits of red currants?

Apart from being loaded with fiber, red currants are rich sources of potassium . Potassium is a beneficial mineral that improves cardiovascular health. It helps lower blood pressure, prevent hypertension and normalizes major organ functions .

Where to buy red currants?

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  • Do red currants have seeds?

    Currants come in three colour varieties: black, red and white. They are not that different, but the black ones are more tart and are more commonly used for jams or cooked uses. Red currants are eaten fresh as well as cooked, though the little seeds inside can be a bit awkward.