Who won the 2014 NHL playoffs?

Los Angeles Kings
On May 29, 2014, the New York Rangers became the first team to ever advance past the Conference Finals after playing two seven-game series in the opening two rounds….2014 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Tournament details
Champions Los Angeles Kings
Runner-up New York Rangers
Tournament statistics
Scoring leader(s) Anze Kopitar (Kings) (26 points)

Who wins the Stanley Cup in 2014?

The Western Conference champion Los Angeles Kings defeated the Eastern Conference champion New York Rangers four games to one to win their second championship in franchise history, marking the first time since 2007 that the championship series was determined in fewer than six games.

Has an NHL team ever went 16 0 in the playoffs?

The momentum did not stop for the regular-season champion Montreal Canadiens as they played eight games, the minimum number to win the Stanley Cup. Montreal, in the process, became the last Cup winners in NHL history to go undefeated in the playoffs to date.

Who won the Stanley Cup 2015?

Chicago Blackhawks
2015 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion

The Western Conference champion Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Eastern Conference champion Tampa Bay Lightning four games to two to win their sixth championship in franchise history, and their third title in six seasons.

Who won 2013 Stanley Cup?

2013 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion
The playoffs ended on June 24, 2013, with the Chicago Blackhawks defeating the Boston Bruins in six games to win the Stanley Cup. Patrick Kane won the Conn Smythe trophy as the playoffs MVP, with 19 points (9 goals and 10 assists).

Has a team ever swept the NHL Stanley Cup?

It was the 105th year of the Stanley Cup being contested. The Red Wings won the series for the second year in a row, four games to none, to capture their ninth Stanley Cup in team history. This was the fourth consecutive Stanley Cup Finals that concluded with a sweep, as well as the last time it has ever happened.

Has an NHL team swept the playoffs?

The Canadiens – who have a record 24 Stanley Cup wins – were last swept in the playoffs in 2009. Even if they don’t sweep, the Bolts are now in great position to repeat. There have been just four comebacks from 3-0 down in the NHL’s 100-plus-year history. The 2016-17 Pittsburgh Penguins are the last NHL team to repeat.

Who won Stanley Cup 2013?

Who won 2010 Stanley Cup?

2010 Stanley Cup Finals/Champion
The Chicago Blackhawks ended a championship drought in thrilling fashion, winning their first Stanley Cup since 1961 on a Patrick Kane overtime goal. The Blackhawks’ triumph capped a season in which the club registered franchise records of 52 wins and 112 points in capturing their first division title since 1992-93.