Who voiced Link in Hyrule Warriors?

Yūki Kaji is the Japanese voice of Link in Hyrule Warriors.

Does Hyrule Warriors have voice acting?

No, Hyrule Warriors doesn’t actually have traditional voice acting. What it does do that no other Zelda game before has done is provide voiced narration.

Who are the voice actors for Hyrule Warriors?

Voice Actors (Playable Characters)

Character English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Zelda Patricia Summersett Yu Shimamura
Mipha Amelia Gotham Mayu Isshiki
Daruk Joe Hernandez Kouji Takeda
Revali Sean Chiplock Noboru Yamaguchi

Is there voice acting in Hyrule Warriors age of calamity?

It’s probably at Nintendo’s behest that Age of Calamity doesn’t have full voice acting. Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series, the classic hack and slash franchise that Hyrule Warriors spins off of, has had voiced battle dialogue for many installments.

Who voiced master Kohga?

Erik Braa
We had the pleasure of speaking with Erik Braa, the voice of Master Kohga in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity!

Who did Nobuyuki Hiyama voice in Naruto?

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Year Character Title
2017-Present Shin Uchiha Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Boruto: Naruto Nekusuto Jenerēshonzu
2015-2018 Barry Kahn Dragon Ball Super: Doragon bôru Sūpā
2015-2018 Prum Dragon Ball Super: Doragon bôru Sūpā
2002-2004 Buson Poketto Monsutā Saido Sutōrī

Who is the voice actor of Hestu?

Hestu is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series….

Voice actor(s) Cristina Valenzuela (English) Miho Hino (Japanese)

Who voices Revali Botw?

Sean Chiplock
Interview with Sean Chiplock, the voice of Revali.

Who is the voice of Hestu?

Cristina Valenzuela

Gender Male
Main appearance(s) Breath of the Wild
Other appearance(s) Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Voice actor(s) Cristina Valenzuela (English) Miho Hino (Japanese)

Does Link have an English voice actor?

In non-canon media, Jonathan Potts is the voice actor that portrays Link in The Legend of Zelda TV series, while Jeffrey Rath provides actual speech to the young hero during the infamous cutscenes of the Philips CD-i titles, The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon.

Who voices Mipha in Hyrule Warriors?

Akiko Komoto is the Japanese voice of Midna in Hyrule Warriors.

Is Kohga dead?

Even after Master Kohga’s apparent death, the Yiga Clan continued to seek out Link to avenge their leader. Interestingly, unlike his underlings, Kohga is never revived by Calamity Ganon who’s power can revive Yiga Clan Footsoldiers and Blademasters after they are slain when his power reaches its peak every Blood Moon.