Who raped Lucretia in Spartacus?

Although an epic fight between the two men ensues, it turns out that the blonde slave girl Chadara — whom Mira shoots with her newfound archery skills — is the culprit and was trying to sneak off with the map.

What episode does Spartacus see his wife again?

Spartacus: “Delicate Things”

Does Spartacus reunite with his wife?

After Varro’s death, whilst Spartacus is recovering from his wounds, both Sura and Varro come to Spartacus in a vision. Spartacus strangled Aulus and thus discovered the truth of his wife’s death and killed Aulus for his actions and “become himself” once again.

What happens in Spartacus Gods of the Arena?

The story centers around Batiatus and Lucretia and the rise of the House of Batiatus 5 years prior to Spartacus’ arrival, seeing returns from many of the gladiators as well, including Doctore, Crixus and Barca amongst others. The show introduces the gladiator Gannicus, and his rise to fame under Batiatus’ hand.

Who is the redhead in Spartacus?

Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless is the actress who plays Lucretia in Spartacus.

Who killed Gaia in Spartacus?

Tullius killed Gaia by bashing her head in with her wig stand. Steven S.

What happened to Diona in Spartacus?

The nauseating scene where Diona is raped, combined with Tearjerker. Cossutius is an utterly vile man who delights in causing Diona pain and humiliation, and he can get away with all of it because he’s a Roman elite and she’s a slave.

Who is Katherine law?

Katrina Law is an American actress. She is known for playing the roles of Mira on the Starz television series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Spartacus: Vengeance, Nyssa al Ghul on The CW television series Arrow, Karen Beach on the Sony Crackle series, The Oath and Quinn Liu on the CBS series, Hawaii Five-0.

What happened in Season 3 of Spartacus?

For the full Season Three article, see Spartacus: War of the Damned. The rebel army has grown in ranks under Spartacus’ command as they ransack homes throughout the Roman empire and free all the slaves. Finally, they set their eyes on Rome.

What happened to Spartacus’ wife in Season 1?

For the full Season One article, see Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Spartacus, falsely accused of betraying the Roman commander he pledged his allegiance to, is imprisoned and sent to the Amphitheater of Capua to be executed. His wife, Sura, has been sold off to a Syrian in distant lands.

What happens to Gannicus in Spartacus?

Spartacus is then betrayed once again. Summary: As Crassus leads an onslaught against the rebel-occupied city, Gannicus finds himself trapped behind enemy lines. Tiberius is tasked by Crassus to hold a celebration in honor of a man he despises.

What happened to Spartacus in the Ludus?

Spartacus manages to fight his way through The Pit. After he prevents an attempt on Batiatus’ life, he again returns to the Ludus as a gladiator. Summary: A tournament takes place in Capua, and in the primus will be Crixus and Spartacus against the legendary Theokoles.