Who owns the Outback in Australia?

Outback Steakhouse

Type Wholly owned subsidiary
Products Australian themed American cuisine
Revenue US$ 3.888 billion (2017)
Parent Bloomin’ Brands
Website www.outback.com

What is an Australian cattle station?

In Australia, a large land holding used for livestock production is known as a ‘station’ – this originally referred to the main residence and outbuildings of a pastoral property but now generally refers to the whole land holding.

Where is the largest cattle ranch in the world?

If you’re searching for a place that has a big backyard for the kids, look no further. The largest cattle ranch in the world, Anna Creek, is on the market in Australia. For context, the ranch is about the size of New Hampshire, according to Time magazine.

Which is the largest cattle station in South Australia?

Largest stations Rank Station State Area (km2) Stock 1 Anna Creek SA 23,677 Cattle 2 Clifton Hills SA 17,000 Cattle 3 Alexandria NT 16,116 Cattle 4 Davenport Downs QLD 15,100 Cattle

Are Australian cattle stations bigger than European countries?

In fact, some Australian stations are bigger than some European countries… Take Anna Creek Station, well known as the biggest Australian cattle station: this station in the Outback of South Australia covers 6,000,000 acres, or 34,000 km2.

What is a cattle station?

In farming parlance, a station is a large landholding used for producing livestock, predominantly cattle or sheep, that need an extensive range of grazing land. If you are looking to buy a station, Farmbuy.com has an excellent selection of stations for sale.

Are cattle stations part of the Outback?

Australian cattle stations (ranches) are often mentioned in the same breath as the Australian Outback. For many people life in the Australian Outback is synonymous with living and working on an Outback cattle station. I don’t quite see it that way, but those Outback stations certainly are a big and important part of the Australian Outback.