Who owns Runcorn?

In September 2010, the centre was put up for sale and on 24 March 2011 it was announced that the centre had been sold to F&C Reit (since rebranded BMO Real Estate Partners) for approximately £29.1 million using an offshore company, Runcorn One Ltd, registered in Guernsey.

Is Runcorn classed as Cheshire?

In April 1998, Warrington and Halton (which covers Widnes and Runcorn) became unitary councils separate from the administrative county of Cheshire in terms of local government service provision.

Where does the name Runcorn come from?

This word is derived from the Old English words “rúm” (“wide” or “broad”) and “cofa” (“cave” or “cove”). Other historical spellings of Runcorn include “Rumcoven”, “Ronchestorn”, “Runckhorne”, and “Runcorne”.

Is Runcorn a nice area?

Runcorn is a lovely town, it is central to most locations such as Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire Oaks, and Warrington. It is a nice town to live in if you are relocating – Beechwood, Sutton Weaver, Sutton Park, Sandymoor, Preston Brook, Weston Village, and Clifton are nice locations to live as well.

When was Runcorn built?

Runcorn was founded in 915AD as a Mercian fortress to guard against Viking invasion at a narrowing of the River Mersey. The earliest written reference to the town is in the medieval Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, where it is spelled “Rumcofan”, literally meaning ‘a wide cove or bay’.

What is the meaning of Runcorn?

/ (ˈrʌŋˌkɔːn) / noun. a town in NW England, in Halton unitary authority, N Cheshire, on the Manchester Ship Canal: port and industrial centre; designated a new town in 1964.

Is Runcorn Cheshire West or East?

Runcorn, town, Halton unitary authority, historic county of Cheshire, northwestern England. Town hall in Runcorn, Halton, Eng. It lies on the southern shore of the River Mersey 15 miles (24 km) upstream from the port of Liverpool.

Who built Runcorn?

Halton Castle itself was built circa-1070 by either Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester or his tenant, Nigel of Contentin, probably in the form of an earth and timber motte-and-bailey fortification.

What league is Runcorn Town in?

North West Counties Football League
Runcorn Town F.C./Leagues

Why choose Runcorn site?

Runcorn Site is highly integrated and hosts a number of other chemical manufacturers including Runcorn MCP Ltd (a joint venture between INOVYN and VYNOVA), Koura, VYNOVA, Industrial Chemicals and Packed Chlorine Limited.

What happened at APPH in Runcorn?

The Palestine Action protesters occupied the premises of APPH in Runcorn, Cheshire, at about 04:30 BST. They claim the factory produces landing gear for Elbit drones which have been used in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Héroux-Devtek, the company which runs the APPH facility, has disputed these claims.

What does inovyn do at Runcorn?

The chemicals produced at the Site are sold into a wide variety of industrial applications across sectors such as water, building and construction, electronics and pharmaceuticals. INOVYN also produces sulphur chemicals and salt at Runcorn Site, for sale to a range of industrial customers.