Who killed Menthuthuyoupi?

Welfin asked if Youpi remembered his past. Youpi said he didn’t but then died from the poison from Miniature Rose.

Is Neferpitou a man or woman?

Togashi confirmed Pitou to be a male.

What is poufs Nen ability?

Nen. Thanks to his position in the Chimera Ant hierarchy, Shaiapouf was born with the ability to use Nen as well as a tremendous amount of it, exceeding even Isaac Netero’s in terms of aura output. His natural Nen type is Manipulation*, in which he excels at.

Who killed Netero?

In what was meant to be the final battle that ended Meruem for good, Netero, having run through all the moves of his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, chose to use his ultimate option. He plunged his fingers into his own heart to activate the Poor Man’s Rose bomb, blowing up himself and Meruem in the process.

Why did KNOV go bald?

His appearance changed because he was so terrified. The idea was that he was so scared of the beings they were exposed to that his hair went white and he rapidly lost weight. Stress can cause rapid weight and hair loss.

Who is Meruem in love with?

Komugi is the World Gungi Champion and the love interest of Meruem, the King of the Chimera Ants and main antagonist in the Chimera Ant arc of the Hunter x Hunter series.

What does menthuthuyoupi tell Welfin to do?

Menthuthuyoupi takes his position on the stairs, next to which he sees Welfin. He warns him that the King will kill him if he goes to the second floor, and tells him to spread the word. Welfin changes his mind before asking him a question, then he enquires why Neferpitou shut off their En.

What is menthuthuyoupi’s real name?

Menthuthuyoupi (モントゥトゥユピー, Montutuyupī), nicknamed Youpi (ユピー, Yupī), was a Chimera Ant and the youngest of the Chimera Ant King’s three Royal Guards. Appearance. Menthuthuyoupi was the least humanoid of the King’s Royal Guards, yet his physical appearance was loosely human.

Why does menthuthuyoupi want to kill Komugi?

Menthuthuyoupi listens to his former worries about the changes the girl was causing in the King and comments Shaiapouf simply thinks too much and that he should just kill Komugi if he sees her as a hindrance, much to the Royal Guard’s consternation for having contemplated that same course of action.