Who is Violeta Parra?

Violeta Parra was a member of the prolific Parra family. Among her brothers were the notable modern poet, Nicanor Parra and fellow folklorist Roberto Parra. Her children, Ángel and Isabel Parra, are also important figures in the “Nueva Canción Chilena”.

Is there a movie of Violeta going to Heaven?

Violeta Went to Heaven (Spanish: Violeta se fue a los cielos) is a 2011 Chilean biopic about singer and folklorist Violeta Parra, directed by Andrés Wood. The film is based on an eponymous book, a biography, written by Ángel Parra, Violeta’s son with Luis Cereceda Arenas. Parra collaborated on the film.

When did Violeta Parra release La Carpa de la Reina?

Under the EMI Odeón label, she released the LP La Carpa de La Reina in 1966, featuring three songs performed by Violeta Parra and nine by guest artists announced at the carpa by Violeta herself.

Where did visual Violeta collect her recordings?

Violeta made contacts with European artists and intellectuals. Through the intervention of the anthropologist Paul Rivet, she recorded at the National Sound Archive of the “Musée de l’Homme” La Sorbonne in Paris, where she left a guitarrón and tapes of her collections of Chilean folklore.