Who is the best GTA protagonist?

While CJ from GTA San Andreas is unarguably the most beloved protagonist from the GTA series, there’s another incredibly unique character in the franchise who, while popular in his own right, doesn’t get the kind of limelight he deserves. This character is one of the best GTA characters of all time, Michael De Santa.

Who is Florian Cravic?

Bernie Crane
Florian Cravic (Serbian: Флоријан Кравић, Florijan Kravić), also known as Bernie Crane, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a key main character in Grand Theft Auto IV and an unseen character whose voice can be heard in The Lost and Damned.

Who is the deadliest GTA protagonist?

#1 – Trevor Philips Trevor Philips, of course, tops this list to no one’s surprise. The GTA series has never featured a protagonist as violent as Trevor Philips.

Why Niko Bellic is the best character?

GTA 4’s portrayal of immigrants through Niko Bellic’s character is just one aspect that endears him to the audience. Niko Bellic is also a former soldier who is dealing with the loss of his comrades through nefarious means. No other GTA protagonist can be placed in his spot (character-wise) for the story to make sense.

What are the best mods for GTA 4 Ultimate Collection?

30 Best Mods For GTA 4: The Ultimate Collection 1 American Sleep. The first spot in our ranking goes not to a single mod. 2 Realism Project Mod Pack for GTA IV. If what you’re looking for is to make GTA IV feel as lifelike as possible, look no further than KCPRR’s Realism Project 3 iCEnhancer. 4 VIVA New York.

What is the beta mod for Grand Theft Auto 4?

This Beta Mod by SlayerMaggot scratches my game-archaeologist itch by reinstating a lot of removed content present within GTA IV’s code. This includes new taxis, new weapon icons, alternative versions of cars like the Esperanto and the Faustin, and even an older Niko Bellic skin.

What does the snow Mod do in GTA 4?

Modder Jumbo0 brings us the Snow Mod to reproduce this magical effect in GTA IV, turning the virtual sandbox into a winter wonderland. In other words, you’ll bring a massive snow day to Liberty City.

What are the best mods for Grand Theft Auto 5?

A functional jetpack mod is simply a must for any open-world game. This one is inspired by the fantastic movie Kick-Ass, so it features two handy miniguns you can use to rain down lead from the skies upon your enemies. You’ll also be able to spawn bodyguards or enemies wearing jetpacks for intense augmented shootouts.