Who is Shobha De husband?

Dilip DeShobhaa De / Husband (m. 1984)

Who is Shobha first husband?

Shobhaa De has been married twice. Her first husband was Sudhir Kilachand, and the couple has two children, a son named Aditya Kilachand, and a daughter named Avantika Kilachand.

Where was Shobha De born?

Satara, IndiaShobhaa De / Place of birthSatara district is a district of Maharashtra state in western India with an area of 10,480 km² and a population of 3,003,741 of which 14.17% were urban. Wikipedia

What is the first novel of Shobha De?

She started her writing career with her debut book ‘Socialite Evenings’, a novel that tries to explore the lives of women of elite societies. She has written many books till now and more or less theme of the books are same with variety in the plots offered. Her Writings: Shobhaa De is a writer of her class.

Who is Shobha De’s husband?

What is the age of Shobha De?

73 years (January 7, 1948)Shobhaa De / Age

How old is Shoba?

What is the other pen name of Munshi Premchand?

NawabPremchand / Nickname

Who is the Indian American author who has penned the Taj trilogy?

Indu Sundaresan

Indu Sundaresan
Born India
Nationality American
Occupation Writer
Known for The Taj Triology

How Munshi Premchand got his name?

He began writing under the pen name “Nawab Rai”, but subsequently switched to “Premchand”, Munshi being an honorary prefix.

Is the Twentieth Wife true?

The Twentieth Wife (2002), based on the life of Mehrunnisa, Empress Nur Jahan, is the tale of one of India’s most powerful women.

What is Shobha De’s real name?

Shobhaa De. Shobha De (née Rajadhyaksha, born 7 January 1948) is an Indian columnist and novelist.

How many children does Shobha De have?

Shobha then married Dilip De, a businessman in the shipping industry, and a Bengali. This was Dilip’s second marriage also, and he has two children by his previous marriage. Shobha and Dilip De became the parents of a further two daughters, Arundhati and Anindita.

When did Shobhaa De start publishing?

In 2010, De and Penguin Books created the publishing imprint Shobhaa De Books. De has also participated in several literary festivals, including the Bangalore Literature Festival, having been part of it since its first edition.

What are the themes of Shobhaa De’s books?

Urmee Khan writes for The Guardian in 2007, “Her books are steeped in a lifetime’s observation of Bollywood,” and “They describe a side of the country that western audiences rarely encounter, her central themes being power, greed, lust and sex.” In 2010, De and Penguin Books created the publishing imprint Shobhaa De Books.