Who is Gian Paolo Lomazzo?

Gian Paolo Lomazzo was born in Milan from a family emigrated from the town of Lomazzo. His early training was with Giovan Battista della Cerva in Milan. He painted a large Allegory of the Lenten Feast for San Agostino in Piacenza (1567).

What did Giuseppe Lomazzo write?

Writing on art theory and criticism. Lomazzo became blind in 1571, and turned to writing, producing two complex treatises that are milestones in the development of art criticism. His first work, Trattato dell’arte della pittura, scoltura et architettura (1584) is in part a guide to contemporary concepts of decorum,…

What is the idea del tempio della Pittura by Lomazzo?

Lomazzo’s less practical and more metaphysical Idea del tempio della pittura (“The ideal temple of painting”, 1590) offers a description along the lines of the “four temperaments” theory of human nature and personality, containing the explanations of the role of individuality in judgment and artistic invention.

What is Lomazzo’s theory of esthetics?

Lomazzo offered a systematic codification of esthetics typical of the increasingly formalized and academic approaches prevalent during the later sixteenth century and has been described as a central figure in the development of Italian mannerist theories.