Who did Jason Watkins play in EastEnders?

Gerry Fairweather

Year Title Role
1987–1988 EastEnders Gerry Fairweather
1991 Soldier Soldier Cpl Geoff Porter
1993 The Buddha of Suburbia Terry
1993 The Good Guys Paul

Who was Jason Cox in EastEnders?

Peter Moreton
He is portrayed by Peter Moreton.

Who did Emmanuella Cole play in EastEnders?

Eve Igwe
Eve Igwe made her first appearance on 22 January 2016. She is portrayed by Emmanuella Cole.

Has Amir Khan ever appeared in EastEnders?

Amir Khan made his first appearance on 22 September 2008. He is portrayed by Alton Letto, .

Where was Jason Watkins born?

Albrighton, United Kingdom
Jason Watkins/Place of birth

Was Jason Watkins in Doctor Who?

Jason Watkins (born 30 July 1963) portrayed Webley in the Doctor Who television story Nightmare in Silver and the White Guardian in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories The Destroyer of Delights and The Chaos Pool.

Who played Shelley in EastEnders?

Nicole Arumugam

Shelley Lewis
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Nicole Arumugam
Duration 1992–1994
First appearance Episode 810 10 November 1992

Who left EastEnders in 1994?

Natalie Evans Despite producers offering to extend Speed’s contract, she opted to leave the serial in 1995.

Why did Berkoff pull out Hamlet?

The Mail on Sunday reported that the two actors had dropped out because of clashes that had taken place since rehearsals began. It said the row had left McKellen “under strain” and “in tears”. The play’s director Sean Mathias told the Guardian that Berkoff had left because of scheduling issues.

Why is Penny Branning in a wheelchair?

Before his life in Walford, one of Jack’s unsavoury police informants mowed Selina and Penny down in his car as part of a savage revenge attack. As a result, Penny’s spinal chord was severed, leaving her paralysed from the waist down and wheel-chair bound.

What age is Jason Watkins?

55 years (October 28, 1966)
Jason Watkins/Age

What happened to Max and Tanya in EastEnders?

Shortly after, Max is left comatose, following a hit-and-run. It is revealed that Lauren is responsible but Tanya confesses to the crime and is imprisoned, pleading guilty to attempted murder. This distresses Lauren who confesses to the police and is found guilty of GBH with intent, and is sentenced to two years under supervision.

What happened to Lauren and Jason from the hills?

Her mom Kathy explained, “We were sad for her, but in the long run, we knew it was best.” Jason did later make another appearance on The Hills, with Lauren briefly wondering if they would get back together, but it was revealed he had a girlfriend, with Lauren, who is now married to William Tell, saying, “Jason’s story has a happy ending.

Is Lauren Conrad still keeping her relationship with Jason Wahler?

Lauren Conrad Reveals Painful Truth Behind Jason Wahler Split – E! Online Lauren Conrad is still keeping it real.

What did Jason say to Lauren about her Freckle?

It’s like, yeah, a freckle past a hair.” Lauren doesn’t back down, saying, “You’re not normal right now, what is wrong with you?” When Lauren then says, “I just feel like you’re f—ked up and it’s my fault,” Jason looks towards the cameras before saying, “Don’t say this right now.”