Who designed Mbdtf cover?

George Condo’s
George Condo’s artwork MBDTF had five different album covers, all created by American contemporary artist George Condo. One can recognise Condo’s signature style – characters with protruding eyes, grotesque mouths – reminiscent of Pablo Picasso’s art and the cubist movement.

Who designed WTT album?

Its cover art was created by Riccardo Tisci. “Otis” reached number 12 on the Hot 100.

Who designed the life of Pablo cover?

THE LIFE OF PABLO – KANYE WEST 2016 Invited by Kanye West, Peter designed the cover artwork for Kanye’s 6th studio album ‘The Life of Pablo’. In close consultation and collaboration with Kanye himself, it was decided to release not one but two different covers.

Who made the Donda artwork?

Louise Bourgeois
Earlier this year when conversations around the album resurfaced, the new artwork featured a painting by Louise Bourgeois, and has since been changed to an old photograph of the rapper’s mother (also pictured on merch from the listening party).

Who designed Kanye album covers?

Virgil Abloh is credited as the Art Director for Kanye West’s 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The designer was the one who picked artist George Condo to paint several different covers for West.

Who designed watch the throne cover?

Kanye West & Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” Album Cover By Riccardo Tisci | Detailed Look. As the title implies a hidden power struggle, fashion designer Riccardo Tisci chiseled the cover to “Watch The Throne” into angular, faceted shapes on metallic gold backdrop.

Is Jay-Z on Donda album?

Photo by John Canon via Universal. Kanye West has released his much-anticipated tenth album Donda. Largely produced by West, the album features collaborations with Jay-Z, who is back on the album after being replaced with DaBaby on the record’s Soldier Field version, and more.

Why does Kanye call himself Pablo?

However, he’s been very open about his intentions behind the naming of The Life of Pablo. He named the album after painter Pablo Picasso, drug lord Pablo Escobar, and Saint Paul, the writer of several books of the New Testament. Picasso, Escobar, and Saint Paul each had a significant impact on the world.

Who does Logic’s album covers?

Sam Spratt
The album’s cover art was painted by Sam Spratt, who used The Wedding at Cana, painted by Paolo Veronese as an example. Logic also conducted a contest for a fan to be painted on the album cover, which was won by a fan named Josh suffering with osteogenesis imperfecta.