Who are the actors in the Dil dostii dance cast?

DIL DOSTII DANCE CAST. Karan Singh Grover. as: Prof.Karan Mallik. as: Prof.Karan Mallik. Sehban Azim. as: Aditya. The new manager of D3 team; a shady character wanting to create differences between the team and have them against each other with a mysterious reason revolving around him. as: Aditya.

What happens to Swayam’s father in D3?

In spite of that, Swayam silently continues to take care of her which manages to get them closer to each other, though as friends.The D3 gang begins to perform at various events while preparing for the Nation Dance Championship (NDC) as well. At this time, Swayam’s father, Rishi Shekhwat enters.

How did kriya and Swayam establish their own dance team?

Kriya learns about Swayam Shekhawat, a superb dancer who is being ragged by the Dazzlers and is in love with Sharon. Driven by her love for dance, Kriya becomes determined to establish her own dance team and compete against the Dazzlers in Footloose auditions. Then Kriya and Swayam established their dance team “Weaklings”.

Why can’t Swayam dance with Sharon?

The reason behind this is that Sharon has asthma, which will stop her from dancing. Sharon knows how much Swayam loves dancing and doesn’t want him to quit for her sake. Swayam is shattered but still tries to find out Sharon’s reasons.

Did you know that Taani cannot dance?

Little did anyone know that she cannot dance. Rey came to know about it and though initially angry, decided to train Taani. The selection of the sixth dancer makes Sharon more angry with Swayam as she too had a deep passion to be the sixth dancer, and Rey tells Swayam to do a new approach for Sharon, the sexy Swayam.

Do Rishi and Taani end up together?

Rey tells Taani the reason for their break up but Taani decides to end the relationship for good and move on. On the day of the finals of NDC, thanks to Sharon, Rishi ends up making up with his son.