Which is the best reseller hosting?

Best Web Hosting Resellers Of 2021

Company Forbes Advisor Rating Plans and offers
DreamHost 4.8 Shared website hosting starts at $2.50/month
HostGator 4.7 Introductory offer for Aluminum plan at $19.95/month
A2 Hosting 4.4 Kickstart plan starts at $18.99/month
Liquid Web 3.7 Bronze plan starts at $99 per month

Is reselling illegal?

Generally, it’s not illegal to resell an item that you have legitimately purchased. Once you have purchased something at retail it is yours to do with as you choose. If you’re using manufacturers’ logos to advertise the products you’re reselling, you need their permission.

How to become a successful hosting reseller?

Choosing a reseller hosting business startup plan. Let’s start our guide with how to choose from different plans.

  • Do not buy the cheapest plan. In this one of the most essentials things on our guide.
  • Use a corporate billing system.
  • Provide 24/7 support.
  • Use private nameservers.
  • Install an SSL certificate.
  • Add trust seals to the footer of your website.
  • Why to become a hosting reseller?

    White-labeled,expert services build your brand. When your organization becomes a hosting reseller,you can rest easy knowing you won’t be passing your relationships with your customers to another

  • Support throughout the partnership. Even though your company is providing the services,you’re never alone.
  • The perks of partnership.
  • What is the best and cheapest web hosting providers?

    Pricing Breakdown (Sort by Subscription Length) Hostinger – Cheapest “Overall”. The main thing that Hostinger has going for it is the super-low $0.99/mo intro price. DreamHost – Cheapest “Month-to-Month” Hosting. The cheapest plan at DreamHost starts at $2.59/mo and requires you to sign up for three years upfront. Bluehost – Best Cheap “Feature-Rich” Hosting. iPage – $1.99 per month.

    How to find best cheap web hosting provider?

    Upsells and Options. Those very cheap appetizer rates that you see all over the internet are there to attract you.

  • Free Trial Period and Refund Policy. You have to be conversant with some things you need to know about a provider before opting for it.
  • Customer Support.
  • Storage and Bandwidth.
  • Security.
  • A Control Panel that is Easy to Use.