Which has more room Venza or RAV4?

Cargo capacity The Toyota RAV4 again has the edge over the Venza, this time in cargo space. The Venza offers 28.8 cubic feet, which increases to 55.1 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down. The RAV4 boasts 37.6 cubic feet of cargo capacity, which jumps up to 69.8 cubic feet when the rear seats are down.

How large is the Toyota Venza?

Second generation (XU80; 2020)

Second generation (XU80)
Wheelbase 105.9 in (2,690 mm)
Length 186.6 in (4,740 mm)
Width 73.0 in (1,855 mm)
Height 65.9 in (1,675 mm)

Is the 2021 Venza quiet?

The Venza’s motors use a continuously variable transmission, which is subtle and quiet unlike some other vehicles in Toyota’s lineup that can sound a bit whiny under acceleration. It’s a hybrid after all and its focus is on fuel economy and comfort.

Is the Toyota Venza quiet?

You’ll notice immediately upon starting the Venza up, it’s quiet confidence. The Venza keeps road noise out and a your cabin experience is quiet and calm, so you can enjoy your ride from enjoying conversation with your passengers or listening to your favorite music on the most powerful audio system in a Toyota to date!

Is Venza quieter than RAV4?

According to MotorTrend, the Toyota Venza has a smoother ride than the Toyota RAV4. It seemed to have better handling and a less bouncy ride with efficient transmission shifts. Also, the Venza has a quieter interior.

Where is Venza built?

AmbianceThe 2021 Toyota Venza is manufactured in Japan, Toyota City (Aichi prefecture). The project chief designer is Japanese: Yoshito Watanabe.

Is the Venza noisy?

Its four-cylinder can sound buzzy and sends more vibrations through the steering wheel and pedals than we’d like. Wind noise is noticeable on the highway, even though the Venza’s sound measurement at a 70-mph cruise is one decibel lower than the RAV4 hybrid’s.

Is the Toyota Venza comfortable?

The all-new 2021 Toyota Venza is a hybrid crossover with solid fuel economy ratings, an upscale cabin, and comfortable seats. However, it also has less cargo space than many rivals and lacks athleticism.

How many miles does a Venza last?

The Toyota Venza can last a really long time And that quality shows as there are plenty of first-generation Venza owners reporting that their cars spinning the odometers to well over 100,000 and 200,000 miles without any major issues.

How much does the Toyota Venza weigh?

The Venza has a maximum ground clearance of 7.8 inches. With a starting curb weight of 3,847 pounds, the Venza is 92 lbs heavier than the lightest RAV4 Hybrid. The range-topping Venza Limited weighs in at 3,913 lbs. The Venza can be had in a choice of seven exterior colors in what is a mostly conservative color palette.

What are the features of the Toyota Venza two-row crossover?

Inside, the two-row crossover features available equipment like a 12.3-inch touchscreen interface, a nine-speaker audio system, a 10-inch color head-up display, and new Star Gaze panoramic moonroof. See trim levels and configurations: With its sloping roofline, the Venza has less boxy proportions than its similarly sized RAV4 sibling.

Is the Lexus Venza a good hybrid car?

The Venza does more to straddle the line between a Toyota and Lexus product than any other model in the lineup and it should make you think twice about purchasing an NX Hybrid. EPA reviews of the Venza return 40/37/39 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles, which falls just short of the 40 mpg combined rating for the RAV4 Hybrid.

How many miles per gallon does a Toyota Venza hybrid get?

Toyota hybrid models typically outmatch their EPA mileage estimates in our testing and during our time with the car with mostly in-town driving, the Venza achieved just over 41 mpg. With a 14.5-gallon gas tank, a theoretical mixed range of around 565 miles should be achievable.