Which food has the most vitamin D?

Here are 7 healthy foods that are high in vitamin D.

  1. Salmon. Salmon is a popular fatty fish and great source of vitamin D.
  2. Herring and sardines. Herring is a fish eaten around the world.
  3. Cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is a popular supplement.
  4. Canned tuna.
  5. Egg yolks.
  6. Mushrooms.
  7. Fortified foods.

What fruit is rich in vitamin D?

Orange juice, 100%, fortified 1/2 cup 50
Other Sources
Almond beverage (almond milk), unsweetened 1/2 cup 54

What is a quick source of vitamin D?

The best sources include animal liver, fatty fish, egg yolk, and fish oils — but you can also get vitamin D through fortified foods (although it’s always best to go with a natural source.)

Which vegetables are high in vitamin D?

Top Foods for Calcium and Vitamin D

  • Spinach.
  • Kale.
  • Okra.
  • Collards.
  • Soybeans.
  • White beans.
  • Some fish, like sardines, salmon, perch, and rainbow trout.
  • Foods that are calcium-fortified, such as some orange juice, oatmeal, and breakfast cereal.

What foods have the highest vitamin D?

Herring are high in vitamin D because they thrive on plankton, which is a hearty source of vitamin D. [ 6, 7] 5. Sardines Sardines are one of the best dietary sources of vitamin D. One small tin can of sardines will provide you with approximately 101 percent of your daily needs.

Which fruit is high in vitamin D?

Orange juice,chilled,includes from concentrate,fortified with calcium and vitamin D 40IU

  • Apples,raw,with skin 0IU
  • Apples,raw,without skin 0IU
  • Apples,raw,without skin,cooked,boiled 0IU
  • Apples,raw,without skin,cooked,microwave 0IU
  • Apricots,raw 0IU
  • Avocados,raw,all commercial varieties 0IU
  • Avocados,raw,California 0IU
  • What vegetables have the highest vitamin D?

    Vegetables high in vitamin D include mushrooms which have been exposed to sunlight. Other vegan foods high in vitamin D include fortified soy products like tofu, soy milk, and soy yogurt, fortified cereals, and fortified juices.

    Do any foods naturally have vitamin D?

    In food sources, vitamin D is available in two different forms. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) can be found in animal-based foods such as fish while vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) is found in other sources such as mushrooms.