Where is the house located in the movie What Lies Beneath?

Although the fictional setting for the house was supposedly Waterbury, VT., the filming location was actually in West Addison, on the border of Lake Champlain, with the old Lake Champlain bridge partaking in a cameo role, just years before it was demolished and replaced.

Where was the movie what lies below filmed?

Upstate New York
Duemmler: We shot in Upstate New York near Lake George thanks to the Adirondack Film Commission, led by Andrew Meader.

What lake is in what lies beneath?

As co-writer and producer Cindy Kunz-Anderson sees it, the dark history lurking beneath the shallows is the inciting incident unleashing the paranormal activity associated with it Lake Lanier.

How much is the house in what lies beneath?

The Pacific Palisades home of the late Walter Matthau has been sold for about $5.5 million. Built in 1934, the five-bedroom, 9,800-square-foot house is expected to be totally renovated.

Where is the bridge in what lies beneath?

Lake Champlain Bridge
Lake Champlain Bridge, the recently demolished and rebuilt bridge where they filmed “What Lies Beneath”. The 2000 ghost flick “What Lies Beneath” stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford and was directed by Robert Zemeckis.

When was What Lies Beneath filmed?

July 21, 2000 (USA)What Lies Beneath / Release date

Is there a sequel to what lies beneath?

Where The Cedars Rise: (a sequel to What Lies Beneath The Cedars) (Cedar Series) Kindle Edition. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. ​In the sequel to What Lies Beneath the Cedars, Lucy travels with Rhys to a mountain village in Lebanon to learn more about the true origins of her family.

How old is Emma Horvath?

27 years (January 28, 1994)Ema Horvath / Age

Where is Crown Point Bridge?

Crown Point
Chimney Point State Park
Lake Champlain Bridge/Location

What did she see in the lake in what lies below?

In the middle of the night, Libby sees John walking into the lake, which is glowing orange. She runs to wake up her mom but finds the bedroom door locked. When she goes out to investigate, John claims he was sleepwalking.

Is the movie What Lies Beneath on Netflix?

The 2020 horror sci-fi thriller What Lies Below recently began streaming on Netflix, and subscribers wasted no time in checking it out.