What zone is Dartford in London?

Zone 8
Oyster and contactless bank cards Dartford entered the TfL zonal Oyster/contactless system on Sunday 6 September 2015, in Zone 8. Whilst season tickets, daily capping and contactless weekly capping are set at standard Zone 8 levels, single fares from Dartford are lower than “standard” Zone 8 fares.

Does Dartford train station have oyster?

Oyster at Dartford and Swanley Dartford and Swanley fall within the London Fares Zones 1-9 so you can use Oyster PAYG and Travelcards at these stations.

How much is a Zone 1 to 9 Travelcard?

The paper off peak One Day Travelcard for zone 1-6 is £13.90….One Day Travelcards: 2021 prices.

One Day Travelcards 2021
Transport Zones Off Peak Anytime
Zones 1–6 £13.90 £19.60
Zones 1–9 £14.70 £24.80

What zone is Kent in?

Kent House is in Travelcard Zone 4.

Is Dartford part of TfL?

The move is part of Transport for London’s (TfL’s) work to make life easier for customers, and will mean Dartford station moves into Zone 8, with customers able to use pay as you go and Zone 1-8 Travelcard season tickets. …

Can you use Oyster at Greenhithe?

In order to get to either Dartford or Greenhithe you could use your Oyster card provided you pay for the part of your journey beyond the boundary of zone 6 before it begins.

Is Zip card free on trains?

Travel free on buses and trams. Travel accompanied by an adult on Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and some National Rail services.

Is it cheaper to buy a train ticket or use contactless?

Both offer cheaper fares than buying a paper ticket – but there is an extra trick contactless delivers. If you use a contactless card you benefit not just from a daily cap, but also from a Monday to Sunday weekly cap that means you won’t pay more than a weekly travelcard.

Are house prices falling in Kent?

There were 19,570 property sales in Kent during the year, 14.0% lower than one year ago when there were 22,767 sales. Property sales lower in 2020 than in 2019 in for the South East by 16.7% and England & Wales by 20.1%. Notes on the data.

How much is the train ticket from Dartford to London?

Train ticket prices from Dartford to London can start from as little as £12.60 when you book in advance. The cost of tickets can vary depending on the time of day, route and class you book and are usually more expensive if you book on the day. Is there a direct train from Dartford to London?

When are the next trains from Dartford to London Underground Zone 1-6?

Check out the next trains departing from Dartford to London Underground Zone 1-6 for Tuesday 24th August 2021 using our handy timetable below, including platform and live travel information. You can view the full day timetable or search for a different date here.

What is a day travel card?

Day Travelcard. You can get unlimited travel in one day with a Day Travelcard (paper ticket): Anytime Day Travelcards: use for the date on the ticket and for journeys starting before 04:30 the next day Off-peak Day Travelcards: use from 09:30 (Monday to Friday), anytime on weekends or bank holidays for the date on the ticket…

Where can I use a Travelcard in London?

Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and National Rail. You can use a Travelcard in the zones it’s valid for. Make sure it covers all the zones you travel through. If not, you need to add pay as you go credit to your Oyster card or buy an extension ticket.