What wines pair well with Girl Scout Cookies?

Here are our first and second place votes for each wine:

  • Moscato and Trefoils or S’mores.
  • Riesling and Trefoils or Savannah Smiles.
  • Rosé and Savannah Smiles or Tagalongs.
  • Sauvignon blanc and Savannah Smiles or Samoas.
  • Malbec and Do-Si-Dos or Samoas.
  • Merlot and Thin Mints or Tagalongs.
  • Cabernet and Thin Mints or Tagalongs.

How do you pair Girl Scout cookies with wine?

You can match them with a sweet Champagne with ripe fruit flavors and notes of buttered toast. Alternatively, you can opt for sweet and fizzy Moscato d’Asti. The light acidity of this sparkling wine contrasts nicely with a buttery cookie, which is why in Italy, Moscato d’Asti is a classic pairing with biscotti.

What wine goes with Samoas?

The ABC tasters paired Samoas with rioja, a Spanish wine that tends to be rustic, full bodied and a pleasing accompaniment to the cookie’s signature ingredients. Keeping up with the dietary times, the Girl Scouts have a gluten-free cookie, the Toffee-Tastic, that goes particularly well with Panthera pinot noir ($45).

How do you mix Girl Scout cookies with alcohol?

5 Ultimate Girl Scout Cookie and Liquor Pairings

  1. Tagalongs & Spiced Rum. Sweet, nutty and just a touch salty, Tagolongs (aka Chocolate Peanut Butter Patties) pair well with a spiced, aged rum, according to renowned mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim.
  2. Thin Mints & Fernet.
  3. Samoas & Whiskey.
  4. Lemonades & Gin.
  5. Trefoils & Scotch.

What wine goes well with Thin Mints?

While Thin Mints are the reigning champion when it comes to cookie sales, they are one of the most difficult cookies to pair with wine, all because of that delicious chocolate and mint flavor combo. If you really must pair these with anything other than milk, make it a sweet dessert wine like a Sherry or Muscat.

Does Si Dos wine pair?

Do-si-dos® are an oatmeal sandwich cookie filled with a salty slathering of savory peanut butter. With a symphony of texture (they’re both crunchy and creamy), they’re a perfect balance of sweet and salty that’s hard to put down! Pair them with a rich, intense red with a hint of spice: Zinfandel.

What Girl Scout cookies go with red wine?

CasaSmith ViNO Rosso ($12): Thin Mints may be the most well-known GSC there is. These thin, minty gems are equally crispy and sweet, making them a truly delicious indulgence. Pair them with bold, deep reds, like a Brunello, Merlot or Pinot Noir.

What wine goes with Thin Mints?

Thin Mints this chocolate/mint cookie goes great with Cabernet Sauvignon or a Zinfandel. Tagalongs are in a similar flavor set as Samoas and will also pair with sherry or tawny port. You may also be able to pair these peanut butter chocolate cookies with the sparkling dessert wine Brachetto D’Acqui.

What liquor goes well with cookies?

Chocolate Mint Cookies And Hot Buttered Rum For one thing, rum and mint just go together. And for another, the drink has a spice and kick to it, so it can offset all of that sugar.

What wine goes with peanut butter cookies?

Port & Strong flavors like peanut butter require a bold and sweet wine to compliment it. The nutty flavors found in a Tawny Port is perfect for a classic peanut butter cookie. For cookies that have raisins or chocolate, try a Ruby or LBV Port for perfection.

What wine goes well with peanut butter?

“The sweet fruitiness of the jelly, and even the sweetness in the peanut butter, means that a dry wine won’t cut it,” says Segelbaum. “Ruby or vintage Port, or [fortified] wines like Banyuls, are the way to go. They have the texture, structure, sweetness and fruit profile that won’t easily be overpowered by jelly.”

What drinks go with cookies?

To make a Dark and Stormy, mix 2 ounces of dark rum with 3 ounces of ginger beer. Serve over ice. The cinnamon sugar sprinkled on the cookies pairs well with the vanilla in the soda, especially when the cookies are dunked. A dry Champagne cuts through the rich, buttery flavor of the cookie.

What are the best wine pairings for Girl Scouts?

Nutty and apple flavors prevail in many Proseccos, and this Girl Scout wine pairing combo reminds me of the popular snack idea of apple slices and nut butter. Decadent fudge-dunked shortbread deserves an equally decadent wine pairing.

What wine goes with a peanut butter Pattie?

Enjoy tawny port alongside your Peanut Butter Pattie and you might just feel like you’re enjoying a grown-up dessert twist on PB&J. Nutty and sweet, this Spanish fortified wine offers a luscious caramel-like flavor that complements the hint of ooey-gooey goodness in the Girl Scout cookie.

What is the best wine to pair with Fudge?

Decadent fudge-dunked shortbread deserves an equally decadent wine pairing. Try Châteauneuf du Pape, a French red wine with dark berry, clove, cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla elements that will make the chocolate-side shine. Riesling, a sommelier-favorite white often grown in Germany, smells like honey and tastes like peaches and apricots.