What type of phrase is all hands on deck?

An idiom may be a euphemism, an understatement or exaggeration, or an expression of irony or hyperbole. All hands on deck is an idiom that is a call for everyone to take part in the work put before them, a command that everyone participate in a particular situation.

Where did the term all hands on deck come from?

Origin of All Hands on Deck This expression has a naval origin. Hands is another word for sailors and deck is a part of the boat. In a storm or other emergency, the captain might yell all hands on deck. This is a command for all the sailors to come to the deck of the boat to help navigate the storm.

What does on deck mean slang?

1. Available, ready for action, as in We had ten kids on deck to clean up after the dance. [ Slang; second half of 1800s] 2. In baseball, scheduled to bat next, waiting near home plate to bat, as in Joe was on deck next.

What is another word for on deck?

What is another word for on deck?

open-door open
acquirable procurable
handy at hand
on hand achievable
convenient gettable

How do you use all hands on deck in a sentence?

Examples of ‘all hands on deck’ in a sentence all hands on deck

  1. It feels like we finally have all hands on deck for the first time.
  2. The same goes for ‘all hands on deck’.
  3. It was a low-budget, independent production, so it was all hands on deck.
  4. And right now, the club are going down with all hands on deck.

What does it mean to deck a person?

​informalto hit someone so hard that they fall to the ground. Synonyms and related words. To knock someone down by hitting them. knock.

What’s another word for balcony?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for balcony, like: gallery, parapet, veranda, porch, mezzanine, loge, terrace, deck, brattice, piazza and patio.

What does the saying all hands on deck mean?

On a ship, the crew are called “hands”. The deck is the top part of the ship. In an emergency, “all hands on deck” means everyone should leave what they are doing and come to help manage the sails on deck. When someone says it on land they mean “We need everyone’s help” or “it’s a very busy time”.

What is the slang meaning of all hands on deck”?

The idiomatic expression all hands on deck means that as much help as possible is needed in order to accomplish a particular task or reach a specific goal. If you need all hands on deck, you need all the assistance you can get, from as many people as are willing to chip in.

What does all hand on deck mean?

all hands on deck. 1. A call for all members of a ship’s crew to come to the deck, usually in a time of crisis. (A “hand” is a member of a ship’s crew.) We’re under attack! All hands on deck! 2. By extension, everyone available to help with a problem, or a call for those people to help.

What does it mean to be on deck?

on deck(Adjective) On the deck of a ship, especially of a captain or officer; in charge. on deck(Adjective) The batter that will be up next, typically when that player is waiting on the field.