What transmission does my excursion have?

Ford Excursion

Ford Excursion (UW137)
Transmission Ford 4R100 4-speed automatic Ford 5R110W 5-speed automatic
Wheelbase 137.1 in (3,482 mm)
Length 226.7 in (5,758 mm)

What year did Ford stop using the E4OD transmission?

In 1998, the 4R100 replaced the E4OD.

Can you replace a 4R100 with a E4OD?

All E4OD pumps are completely interchangeable. In 1998, Ford intro- duced the 4R100; one of the four pumps made for this unit is inter- changeable with the E4OD pump — as a complete assembly.

What transmission is in a 2005 Excursion?

4 & 5-speed automatic
2005 Ford Excursion/Transmission

How strong is an E4OD?

E4OD transmissions found behind the 5.8L (351W) and 7.5L (460 cid) V-8s are significantly stronger than 4.9L I-6 (300 cid) and 5.0L V-8 (302 cid) engines as a result of an additional clutch element in the forward and direct clutch assemblies.

How much HP can a 6.7 Powerstroke transmission handle?

By and large, the general consensus is a maximum of roughly 700-rwhp on the 6.7L Power Stroke.

What kind of problems do E4OD transmissions have?

E4OD transmissions manufactured prior to 1995 had an issue with the MLPS, or “Range Sensor”. It was determined to be inadequately weather-proof, allowing water to enter the connector and corrode the pins, causing electrical problems.

What is the bolt pattern on a Ford E4OD transmission?

The E4OD was produced in several different bolt patterns, which also makes it popular for a swap or upgrade. These include small block, big block (385 series, not FE), diesel, and modular bolt patterns. Ford E4OD Transmission

What is the difference between E4OD and 4R100 transmission?

Unlike the E4OD, these units have a dedicated output shaft speed sensor located towards the rear of the transmission. A PWM (pulse-width modulated) torque converter clutch solenoid was also added, first to 4R100s in diesel applications and later to all 4R100s.

Can a brand new transmission be delivered to my home?

A. Yes, it can. Residential (limited access/lift-gate) deliveries are $75 total, for the delivery of the new transmission and return of the old core. Q.