What techniques did Vladimir Kush use?

Kush predominantly works in the medium of oil painting on canvas or board, with many of the original paintings also sold as limited edition giclée-on-canvas prints. His bronze-colored sculptures are small-scale and usually based on imagery from his paintings, such as Walnut of Eden and Pros and Cons.

How much is a Vladimir Kush painting?

Kush’s original paintings, he said, retail for $30,000 to $40,000 (for 11-by-14-inch canvases) and can climb to $100,000 (for 30-by-40-inch works).

When did Vladimir Kush start painting?

In 1987, I began selling my paintings and exhibiting with the Union of Artists. I drew political caricatures for a newspaper (using Uncle Sam as a main character), and painted portraits on the streets in the heart of Moscow. At that time, I was invited to paint a series of portraits for the U.S. Embassy staff.

What school did Vladimir Kush go to?

Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
Vladimir Kush/Education

What does Vladimir Kush’s metamorphosis look like?

Vladimir Kush’s Metamorphosis. This painting revolves around a gondola that has a billowing cloud surreally supporting it like a hot air balloon would. It is flying serenely over a lake with a small fishing boat while two people look on from a nearby cliff.

What is the size of Vladimir Kush’s collectibles?

DREAM CATCHER by: Vladimir Kush 31″ x 19.5″ Limited Edition of: 325 BREAKFAST ON THE LAKE by: Vladimir Kush 20″ x 24″ Limited Edition of: 100 DAISY GAMES by: Vladimir Kush 33″ x 25″ Limited Edition of: 325 ABOVE THE WORLD by: Vladimir Kush 27″ x 43″ Limited Edition of: 325 DOORS OF THE NIGHT by: Vladimir Kush 27″ x 43″ Limited Edition of: 325

How do I contact Vladimir Kush?

VLADIMIR KUSH Limited Editions Prints Tel: 1-800-963-1193 VISIT OUR NEW 2018 WEBSITE for pricing PROS & CONS by: Vladimir Kush 13″ x 17″ Limited Edition of: 250 DEPARTURE OF THE WINGED SHIP by artist Vladimir Kush 39″ x 31″ Edition: 325

How would you describe Vladimir Kush’s work to someone who never saw it?

When asked in an interview how he would describe his work to someone who had never seen it, Russian-born surrealist painter Vladimir Kush responded, “I would describe my work with the quote from William Blake: