What tactics does Jose Mourinho use?

Mourinho emphasizes zonal defense in the crucial areas of the pitch that need defending if you’re going to keep a clean sheet, often calling for his defensive wingers to double-up with fullbacks in holding fort within the halfspaces, and his defensive midfielders to use a mix of man and zonal-marking to shield the …

What is Mourinho style of play?

In regards to his playing style, Mourinho is very flexible and adapts the style of play to the players he has at his disposal. He also adapts to the specific conditions and tactics of every single game, matching his team to best play against the opponents of the day.

What is Jose Mourinho philosophy?

Mourinho’s philosophy was to bring all that together; normally always with the ball. I took a lot of ideas from his drills and his practices. He’s also got an unbelievable desire to win – and he’s very good at transmitting that to the group of players that he’s working with at any particular time.

Is Jose Mourinho defensive?

Put simply, with his attackers in such supreme form, it will be them that Mourinho prioritises, not the defence. So, while Mourinho opted for a defensive approach when that’s what was driving results, he’s now utilising his attacking strengths with his defence struggling.

What formation do Spurs play?

Spurs’ 3-4-3 formation under Conte As Conte prefers hardworking and defensive minded players in midfield, this will mean creative players like Ndombele and Lo celso might not be able to fit in this new system.

What skills and qualities does Jose Mourinho have?

Jose Mourinho’s Leadership Qualities

  • #1 – Your Motivation Must Be The Engine.
  • #2 – Dedication and Hard Work.
  • #3 – The Power of Resilience.
  • #4 – Your Team Must Believe in You.

How does Jose Mourinho use communication?

By communicating his vision and expectations, Mourinho set the tone for the team’s mindset and the level of performance he wanted from them. This challenged his players to rise to meet his standards and had the team playing at a much higher level.

How has Jose Mourinho changed Tottenham Hotspur’s style of play?

Generally speaking, both the defensive and offensive tactics have been improved under the Portuguese manager despite hiccups in both phases of play. But one big change that we have seen in Spurs ever since Mourinho has taken over the team is the reduction in pressing tactics.

How many goals has Jose Mourinho conceded in his last 12 games?

This resulted in 1.41 conceded goals in his last 12 Premier League games in charge while Mourinho is now on 1.37 in his 16 games in the league.

What is the difference between Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino’s Spurs?

Spurs have averaged 43.58 long balls in Pochettino’s first 12 games in charge in 2019/20 while they now sit on 50.25 under Mourinho. Similarly, they are now deploying fewer passes per possession: 4.95 under Pochettino and 4.36 under Mourinho in four games more so far in the ongoing campaign.

What is the role of Moura in Jose Mourinho’s midfield?

In his absence, however, Mourinho has mostly chosen Moura to do that role. Similarly to the English striker, Moura will also regularly vacate his position and drop off to help progress the ball. Notice below how his movement into the midfield poses a real conundrum for the opposition as they suddenly don’t know who to mark in this situation.